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May 13, 2017

The field of e-commerce is expanding everyday with new innovations being added on a regular basis. This makes it one of the most dynamic, and at the same time, the most competitive field of business in the modern world. Considering the fact that there are numerous points that be taken into account, E Commerce Solution providers play a key role in driving e-commerce businesses with their expertise and experience.

One of the major decisions that has to be taken while starting a business online is to choose the most suitable business model that fetches good returns in the long run. Different business ideas have a distinct set of target audience, goals and vision, which have to be addressed through separate business models.

How do we make this decision? It’s simple! We take help from an e-commerce solution provider! Here’s how they can help:

1. E-Commerce solution providers are equipped with the right technology.

Whether it is complicated coding or managing a huge network of connected notes, they know exactly how to choose the smartest way to tackle the hassles which come with technology. With an extensive market research, they will not only help you decide which model to choose but also help in setting it up. Depending on your requirement, a B2B, a B2C or any other model will be chosen with their expertise.

2. Depending on what you sell, e-commerce solution providers will help you pick the right model!

Different types of goods and services are sold on the internet, some very critical and some, well, bizarre. Thus, the business model that you select has a significant impact on what your goal is. Physical goods take up majority of space in the online world, followed by digital goods and services. For eg.: It would be more beneficial to sell clothes based on a B2C model rather than a B2B model while considering an online business. E-commerce solution providers will help you make this decision, taking every aspect into consideration.

3. With their experience, they know what NOT to do.

Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. What benefits an online lifestyle business may not necessarily be very useful to an online consulting business. However, it requires a lot of effort and extensive study to decide what fits the best for your idea.. Ranging from feasibility, accessibility to technological advancement, they will take into consideration everything that may or may not be beneficial and help you eliminate the wrong choices while short listing the right ones.

4. They are well-versed with the competition and equipped with innovation.

E-commerce solution providers are not only equipped with industry specific skill-sets, but also know which model will generate the most number of opportunities for your business. Their understanding of the competition is very deep, with the knowledge of all the rights and wrongs the competitors are doing. E-commerce solutions providers will use their innovative approach to capitalize on the rights and improve upon the wrongs, giving you an ideal business model.

Hiring an e-commerce solution provider will not only help you sustain the cut-throat competition but also make sure that the minutest of details are taken into consideration before going ahead with a particular model.

Source by Chirag Dagli

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Named “Quick Weather Enclosure” because all curtains roll up or down quickly for any change in weather conditions. This enclosure will make a true difference in your comfort while you are boating.

The Pontoon Quick Weather Enclosure was designed to address the needs of boaters on a budget. The current economic situation and the escalating fuel costs world wide have put a financial strain on everyone especially the boating industry.

The Pontoon Quick Weather Enclosure will completely enclose 8 ft x 8ft of your pontoon boat including the console area. The Bimini Top is designed to be universal fit most 8ft wide by 8ft length Bimini framework. That gives you 64 square feet of enclosure for your pontoon boat.

The front and stern curtains hang straight down from the Bimini Top with a zipper in the centre for easy and quick access.

Make sure your new pontoon enclosure is manufactured using Marine Grade Polyester or Sunbrella Acrylic fabrics. Both these fabrics are strong, lightweight and abrasion resistant.

The Pontoon Boat Quick Weather Enclosure usually comes with the following;

1 – Universal style Bimini Top, all pockets are zipper for easy installation to your existing framework.

2 – Side curtains, made in clear PVC plastic and Marine Grade Polyester or Sunbrella Acrylic fabric.

1 – Front Curtain, also made in clear PVC plastic and Marine Grade Polyester or Sunbrella Acrylic fabric. This curtain has a centre zipper for easy entrance to boat.

1 – Stern Curtain, also made in clear PVC plastic and Marine Grade Polyester or Sunbrella Acrylic. This curtain also has a centre zipper for easy entrance to boat.

All Curtains zipper to Bimini Top and you can roll them up or down fast and easily.

Make sure you have your Pontoon Quick Weather Enclosure designed so all curtains zipper on and off as well as roll up and tied to get the maximum use of your new pontoon canvas.

There are usually options available for your Pontoon Quick Weather Enclosure such as screens to allow air flow, a must for a hot humid summer day. Screens are usually integrated in to the front, sides and stern curtains and can be zippered up and down when needed. Another option would be a storage boot. The Storage Boot is used to cover the Bimini Top when folded back and not in use.

With the open space and stability design, Pontoon Boats are excellent boats for fishing. The Pontoon Boat Quick Weather Enclosure leaves the front section of the pontoon cockpit open making for great fishing style enclosures.

If you’re a real estate broker or agent selling waterfront properties, a Pontoon Boat Quick Weather Enclosure will be a great asset in helping you close a property sale. Keep your clients dry while you tour the lake looking at cottages and year round waterfront homes.

The Pontoon Boat Quick Weather Enclosure can also be used for an overnight stay similar to a tent if needed. Makes for an inexpensive weekend camping trip by boat and give you a break from the hot humid weather or brief rain showers.

If your to spend more time on your pontoon boat, look into a Pontoon Enclosure with your local boat dealer, marina, boat canvas shop and online. Get expert advice on the right Pontoon Enclosure before purchasing. You will now be prepared for any change in whether and not put a damper on a planned day on the water.

Source by Richard P. Ostler

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Many PCs running Modern Warfare 2 have encountered a problem of black screen during the game play. This short article will help MW2 lovers to fix the problems and enjoy game without any glitches.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to fix MW2:

Change Desktop Resolutions

Close Background Applications

Configure Sound Acceleration

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Registry Entries

Re-Install Modern Warfare 2

Change Desktop Resolutions

Modern Warfare 2 black screen appears due to improper resolution configuration. To set proper resolution follow the steps below:

Right click on empty area of your desktop

Click on Personalize

Click on Display Settings

Change resolutions to 1024X768

Set colors to 32-bit High

Click OK

Close Background Applications

To avoid MW2 black screen make sure that before launching the game you have close unnecessary background applications. Sometime running other programs along with game may prevent you from playing the game smoothly.

Follow the instructions below to close all the background applications:

Hold Windows key and press R

Type msconfig command in Run search box and press Enter

Click on Startup tab

Click on Disable All button

Now click on Services tab

Check Hide All Microsoft Services box and click on Disable All button

Click OK

Restart your computer

Configure Sound Acceleration

Improper sound configuration for Modern Warfare 2 may result in game crashing, freezing and black screen. For proper configuration of sound acceleration follow the steps below:

Click Start and open Control Panel

Click on Sounds and Audio Devices icon

Click on Volume tab

Click on Advanced under Speaker Settings

Now click on Performance tab

From here reduce the hardware acceleration to basic

Click Apply and OK

Note: Bring the sound acceleration settings to normal after playing the game.

Fix Game Registry Entries

If the registry entry of Modern Warfare 2 gets corrupt this may result in black screen problem. In order to resolve the problem you need to install a registry cleaner program to fix the MW2 registry entries. It can be done manually by opening registry editor. But any wrong step may result in crashing of Windows. Therefore you should install a Registry Cleaner program as it automatically repairs corrupt registry entries.

Re-Install Game

MW2 black screen issue may appear if the installation files are corrupt. Installing MW2 again may resolve the problem. Follow the steps below:

Open Control Panel

Click Programs and Features

Select game and uninstall

Follow the instructions

Before restarting the PC delete the MW2 folder from C:

Restart your PC

Install the Modern Warfare 2 again

Source by A. Honey

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Music is life. It inspires, elevates, changes moods and has the power to bring out the best in us. Without music, the world would make not very much meaning. There are many ways to access and listen to music, especially in the modern world.

Advancement in technology has made it very easy for us to access music on the go, online, via different mediums like smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. If you want to enjoy unlimited access to great music that will cost you no money, here are the top 23 sites.


With over 20 million song options, there is hardly any site that can beat Spotify when it comes to delivering quality music to the masses free. Users can open the site and listen to any music on their desktop, laptop, tablet and Apple devices.

iHeart Radio

This site is about one of the best online music site that does not have any paid subscription options whatsoever. With over 18 million songs, 4,500 artists and 1,500 live radio, this site offer the best options for all types of music lovers.

The Sixty One

If you are one of those people that believe that there are great songs that are unpopular, you would love this free music streaming site. They select great songs that have not been heard and put them in the limelight.


This free music sharing and streaming site offer something unique that benefits both the artist and the users. Artists can post their songs, while users can listen to the songs, add comments and support the songs.


This site offers music lovers the opportunity to search for thousands of music in different genre and categories, play the songs or play a collection of songs altogether. It is an excellent place to discover great music.


There are very few online sites that can offer users the opportunity to find great music, talented artists and exceptional bands than Last.fm. Users can also use the website’s radio option to locate fresh music.


This site is like an online radio station where you can find different types of songs, but with a little difference. During sign up, users are made to provide details of their favorite music genre, and Pandora will automatically forward them songs that relate to their interest.

iTunes Radio

Apple’s premier online music streaming channel needs no introduction. Users are given access to over 25 million songs; they can play on their Mac and other iOS devices. The site updates every day with great new songs.


Step into the world of unlimited music with SoundCloud collection of music supplied by the most creative talents on the planet. The site’s uniqueness is attributed to its unique features, compatibility, and ability to share on social media.


The RDIO model offers music lovers something extra unique among other sites. Users can listen to their favorite song or album, create a playlist, and listen to songs on multiple platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.

Slacker Radio

Listen to all your favorite songs without any need to download on the Slacker Radio Platform. Users have access to more than 10 million songs they can play at any time and any day.


Listen to songs, find talented bands, get music information, all free at the Di.fm online music streaming site. It is loaded with cool features that enable you to choose songs based on categories like years of releases and genre.


There are very few free online music streaming sites that can beat Grooveshark. Users are given the opportunity to explore cool features like unlimited streaming, social integration, folders and music selection options.

YouTube Disco

Although not very well known, this website offer users with the opportunity to search songs and playlists. You can also find your favorite artists, and use it online without any need for downloading.

Amazon Cloud play

With this free online streaming platform, music lovers can upload the playlist they already have and listen to them at any time. Also, when you purchase any songs on the Amazon, cloudplay automatically adds it to your playlist.


This search engine offers something unique for music lovers. With TubeRadio, users can search for any songs and will be presented with a list they can choose. The site relies on YouTube to find and display the songs you’re searching.


Internet radio is a phenomenon and live 365 has come to make the magic even more realistic. The website allows users to find online radio where they can listen to their favorite songs, from different parts of the world.


The playlist has gone to another level thanks to 8track’s innovative style. Anyone can sign up on the site, select eight tracks and share it. If you like the playlist, you can follow the creator or further share it on social media.


Jelli offers music listeners the power to upvote and downvote a song they have listened. This way, the site owners will know which songs they should play more often and which ones they should eliminate.


The social media site turn online music streaming site has been around for years. You can listen to songs from your favorite artists, or local artists, which are available in a huge selection on the website.


Mood-based playlist is becoming more and more popular because they offer a unique way. Songs are tagged together into a playlist based on the mood they express. Users can find the generated playlist and skip as they wish to listen to songs.


This site is another unique free music streaming site that strives to immerse users into a community. Anyone can sign up and join a room where a DJ plays songs based on their choice. If there is a vacant DJ spot, you can take it and serve others.


While other online music streaming sound focus on the global audience, CitySound tries to focus on local content. Users can find their favorite music which comes from or are reigning in a particular location or city.

Source by Michael Sadeash Kumar

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What is a Deviation:

A Deviation is a departure from standard procedures or specifications resulting in non-conforming material and/or processes or where there have been unusual or unexplained events which have the potential to impact on product quality, system integrity or personal safety. For compliance to GMP and the sake of continuous improvement, these deviations are recorded in the form of Deviation Report (DR).

Types of Deviations:

1. Following are some examples of deviations raised from different functional areas of business:

2. Production Deviation – usually raised during the manufacture of a batch production.

3. EHS Deviation – raised due to an environmental, health and safety hazards.

4. Quality Improvement Deviation – may be raised if a potential weakness has been identified and the implementation will require project approval.

5. Audit Deviation – raised to flag non-conformance identified during internal, external, supplier or corporate audits.

6. Customer Service Deviation – raised to track implementation measures related to customer complaints.

7. Technical Deviation – can be raised for validation discrepancies. For example: changes in Manufacturing Instruction.

8. Material Complaint – raised to document any issues with regards to non-conforming, superseded or obsolete raw materials/components, packaging or imported finished goods.

9. System Routing Deviation – raised to track changes made to Bill of materials as a result of an Artwork change.

When to Report Deviation:

A Deviation should be raised when there is a deviation from methods or controls specified in manufacturing documents, material control documents, standard operating procedure for products and confirmed out of specification results and from the occurrence of an event and observation suggesting the existence of a real or potential quality related problems.

A deviation should be reported if a trend is noticed that requires further investigation.

All batch production deviations (planned or unintended) covering all manufacturing facilities, equipments, operations, distribution, procedures, systems and record keeping must be reported and investigated for corrective and preventative action.

Reporting deviation is required regardless of final batch disposition. If a batch is rejected a deviation reporting is still required.

Different Levels of Deviation Risks:

For the ease of assessing risk any deviation can be classified into one of the three levels 1, 2 & 3 based on the magnitude and seriousness of a deviation.

Level 1: Critical Deviation

Deviation from Company Standards and/or current regulatory expectations that provide immediate and significant risk to product quality, patient safety or data integrity or a combination/repetition of major deficiencies that indicate a critical failure of systems

Level 2: Serious Deviation

Deviation from Company Standards and/or current regulatory expectations that provide a potentially significant risk to product quality, patient safety or data integrity or could potentially result in significant observations from a regulatory agency or a combination/repetition of “other” deficiencies that indicate a failure of system(s).

Level 3: Standard Deviation

Observations of a less serious or isolated nature that are not deemed Critical or Major, but require correction or suggestions given on how to improve systems or procedures that may be compliant but would benefit from improvement (e.g. incorrect data entry).

How to Manage Reported Deviation:

The department Manager or delegate should initiate the deviation report by using a standard deviation form as soon as a deviation is found. Write a short description of the fact with a title in the table on the form and notify the Quality Assurance department within one business day to identify the investigation.

QA has to evaluate the deviation and assess the potential impact to the product quality, validation and regulatory requirement. All completed deviation investigations are to be approved by QA Manager or delegate. QA Manger has to justify wither the deviation is a Critical, Serious or Standard in nature. For a deviation of either critical or serious nature QA delegate has to arrange a Cross Functional Investigation.

For a standard type deviation a Cross functional Investigation (CFI) is not necessary. Immediate corrective actions have to be completed before the final disposition of a batch. Final batch disposition is the responsibility of Quality Assurance Department.

If a critical or serious deviation leads to a CFI, corrective and preventive actions should be determined and follow up tasks should be assigned to area representatives. Follow up tasks should be completed within 30 business days of the observation of deviation. If a deviation with CFI can not be completed within 30 business days, an interim report should be generated detailing the reason for the delay and the progress so far.

After successful completion of the Follow up tasks Deviation should be completed and attached with the Batch Report /Audit report/ Product complaint report /Safety investigation report as appropriate.

What To Check During The Deviation Assessment:

QA delegate has to conduct a primary Investigation on the deviation reported and evaluate the following information

1. Scope of the deviation – batch affected (both in-process and previously released)

2. Trends relating to (but limited to) similar products, materials, equipment and testing processes, product complaints, previous deviations, annual product reviews, and /or returned goods etc where appropriate.

3. A review of similar causes.

4. Potential quality impact.

5. Regulatory commitment impact.

6. Other batches potentially affected.

7. Market actions (i.e. recall etc)

Source by Sami Power

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Fire fighting is not easy. It is the kind of job filled with hazards. Getting inside a burning building to save a person trapped may be heroic but it is not as easy as it looks. There is a great chance that you too can suffocate from the fumes. You also have chances of getting burned or injured in the process. It takes a lot of skills and abilities to become a fire fighter. There is a calling for proper training and conditioning of the body. One has to be agile, smart and dedicated, to do this job professionally.

Since not all of us are enthusiastic with the job description of a firefighter, we all have an opportunity to become fire fighters ourselves. A simple reading about fire and fighting it can be done overnight. You can become a master by going through special modules and achieve foundation in order to deal with uncontrollable fire. After you have gone through the different information, you can fight fire only if you are sure of what you are doing. In addition, you get to be one without wearing the red suit and riding on the fire truck. Your primary tool is just the different types of types of fire extinguishers.

Doing fire fighting can be done in cases of emergency. If there is a simple outbreak of fire, you can stop the flames on your own without calling for help, if you think you know how. To be well equipped in cases where the need arises for fire fighting, you need to do the following items:

1. You need to understand how fire works and how it starts. To have a simple explanation about it, all you have to do is to read about the fire tetrahedron.

2. Understand the jargons used in firefighting. Just like computers, they have their own universal language. They have their own signs and symbols used. Therefore, it is important to learn these things to identify special instructions on devices used readily. This will also help you understand the safety precautions needed to be applied in case you want to face the problem on your own.

3. You also have to know the different classifications of fire. This way you will know what can be the possible sources. This is part of your assessment. You also have to check on the surroundings and know what other sources that could worsen the fire. This way you can prevent it from getting contact with the flames.

4. It is also important for you to know the different types of fire extinguisher because they have different indications. They also have different agents used. Therefore, to eliminate unwanted fire effectively, you need to be extra careful on the extinguisher used. Sometimes, a wrong agent used can lead to re-ignition of flames.

5. You also have to learn how to use the device. They have a special code for which is an acronym: P-A-S-S. This stands for pull, aim, squeeze and sweep. It is a very simple instruction that could get you fire fighting in no time.

Source by Brian Ayling

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A few years ago, I volunteered to coach a second and third grade volleyball team through my local parts and recreation department. I’d never coached before and went into the experience a little blindly. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a pretty serious volleyball player for 10 years, but I’d never coached before, and definitely not such a young group!

I checked out coaching books from the library, looked up drills online and tried to prepare myself the best I could, but in the end, I just had to go with the flow. I found that second and third graders were much smaller than I remembered, so many of the drills I had thought of were just physically impossible. Then there was the added emotional elements of having all these beginner players together. They got sad when their teammates had a triumph and they did not. At some times it seemed like my job was a mix of coaching and babysitting.

As I got used to coaching these girls, I got better and better. I realized that I had to listen to them more and adapt to their skill levels and I couldn’t come into a practice with everything planned. They absolutely hated some of my favorite drills, so I completely scrapped those and adapted their favorite drill to teach them almost every skill. (If you need a good drill, they loved “dead fish” – originally designed for a serving drill, but it can teach accuracy for passing, setting and hitting).

The season progressed and I started to notice things. During the first game, all the points were scored from serving, there were no rallies. Then eventually, they were able to return the ball to the other team. Finally, a real rally got going. I literally jumped up and down and gave out so many high-fives at that moment! They were looking like a real team and I was so proud.

By the end of the season, they had visibly improved and seemed to genuinely enjoy playing the game. I can only hope that I was able to instill a passion for the game in my team and hope that they will continue to play in the future.

I did learn some major lessons that were not in any of the coaching books I checked out from the library. Hopefully they will help you out if you are going to be coaching a team this fall.

Attitude – A good attitude can be very undervalued. Volleyball is a team sport, so teammates feed off each other. If one player pollutes the waters, you can b e sure the others will follow. The same goes for the coach. Positive reinforcements, the ability to laugh at your own mistakes and the ability to have fun will create a good team atmosphere. Yelling, getting angry and overreacting will fuel a negative environment and can cause your team to lose respect.

Be Vocal – this tip is twofold. First, any team sport requires communication, so make sure your players are talking on and off the court. Second, ask for input. Find out which drills are your players favorites, what drills they don’t like and be willing to adapt. They will learn better if they are doing things they like.

Plan – It is always a good idea to have a plan in place before a practice or game. Once you read my next point, you’ll see that I don’t mean a strict, minute-to-minute plan, but rather, have an idea of the skills you want to work on. For example, plan to spend X amount of time warming up, X amount on serving, X amount on passing and X amount on their choice. Then you can be flexible with each activity, but you will not have to spend time trying to decide what to do next.

Adapt – Your players will come to you with different skill levels, expectations and commitment levels. This can make it difficult to plan initially, but be prepared to tweak drills and practice schedules so they are effective.

Make Mistakes – This goes for players and coaches, you get better by learning from your mistakes. Beginning players make mistakes all the time, so constructively help them see how to correct them. Coaches make mistakes sometimes too, maybe a drill you had planned was totally ineffective. This goes back to adapting, learn something and move on.

Have Fun – Don’t work your players so hard that they are not enjoying themselves. I found that younger kids just like to play around, but at a more competitive lever, the players like challenging workouts and conditioning exercises. Make sure you are giving them drills and activities that match their playing level. Find the balance between working hard and having fun.

I also think back to the best coaches I had and they were they ones that truly enjoyed the game and made it fun. The most memorable are the coaches that we could laugh with, joke with, but still totally respect and learn from.

And in the end, remember it really is just a game. After 10 years of playing, the games I remember are not the losses or the mistakes, but are the challenging ones, the hard-earned wins and my individual bests.

How to play “Dead fish”:

  1. Split your players into two, have one team on each side of the net.
  2. Each team sends one member to the other side of the net, where they lay on the floor.
  3. The rest of the team serves, trying to hit the “dead fish” on the other side of the net.
  4. If a player serves a ball out or does not make it over the net, they also become a “dead fish”.
  5. Once the “dead fish” catches a ball, they come back to life and rejoin their team.
  6. The “dead fish” must stay completely on the ground – no jumping up to catch the ball.
  7. The team left standing at the end wins!

Source by Jess Dawson

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In the early 1970’s, Japanese cars had a reputation of getting good mileage, but very little else. They were small, tinny and not very attractive. General Motors was the monolithic corporate giant that dominated the auto industry. Now, of course, Japanese automakers dominate the auto industry, and General Motors is a corporate dinosaur on the verge of extinction. What happened over the past 40 years can be viewed from many perspectives, and fingers can be pointed in many directions, but one of those directions is toward the United Auto Workers.

The evolution of Toyota and Nissan is very American – underdogs taking on an industry leader, using great ideas and new technologies. It seemed to all start in 1970, with the introduction of the Datsun 240Z This was a great little sports car that young Americans wanted to drive. It didn’t matter that it was made by a Japanese company. It was reasonably priced, well-made, fast and cool, and it began a run that continues to this day.

Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, American automakers slowly gave away the trust they had earned from American consumers. They seem to have traded in on their name and brands, producing planned-obsolescent, tinny versions of once great cars. And despite this, they continued to make huge profits from a generation that still saw the Japanese as somewhat of an enemy, and buying American as a form of patriotism.

It seemed that the good times would always roll, and so the UAW sought to share the wealth with its members. Unions have a history of balancing the scale of corporate profits and workers wages, but the UAW wanted more than that – they wanted long-term job security bolted to the status quo, and benefits packages second to none. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, college graduates were entering the workforce in large numbers – a tide of Baby Boomers armed with new ideas looking for ways to change the world. But the auto industry wasn’t the place for them. The combination of strong market share and union benefits had turned a dream job of ideas and innovations into an assembly line of mediocrity.

The lure of General Motors had become its UAW inspired benefits package, and the security of knowing that it was nearly impossible to lose your union-protected job. And while Japanese automakers improved efficiency, incorporated new technologies, designed new innovations and made cool cars, the US auto industry was anchored to the past, and is now sinking from the weight of that short-sighted greed.

So, here we are, in September of 2007. General Motors is in deep financial trouble, having lost its market leadership, reputation, and consumer loyalty, while each of their new cars costs $1500 more, just to pay retired worker’s benefits – the so called legacy costs. Toyota and other Japanese and Korean automakers are winning the game our way. And what of the UAW – now itself a far less powerful force because the Americans working in Japanese auto plants don’t want to join the union – they called a strike because they don’t want to assume more responsibility for health care costs.

It seems that General Motors is an aging wood ship – off course, and in stormy seas, while the union wants to take boards from its hull to improve the rooms of its workers. General Motors, as it’s been, will sink – simply because they cannot compete in the marketplace they helped create. But they only need to look at what the Japanese did to overthrow them, and remember that the Japanese took a page from what they used to be.

George R. Lovelock, Writer/Producer, New York

Source by George Lovelock

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One key element of the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) methodology is the concept of Governance Themes. These nine themes constitute a governance or control framework for programme management. The MSP manual presents guidance for handling each theme in the form of ‘Best Practices’, which have been developed through consultation with professional programme and project managers.

Organisation This Governance Theme describes the overall structure, as well as the individual roles and responsibilities of all those who are involved in the programme. The guidance provided ranges from the vague (“Responsibilities of the Sponsoring Group: Championing the programme”) to the more measurable (“Key attributes of the Programme Manager: Good knowledge of techniques for planning, monitoring and controlling programmes, including risk management”). In all cases, the MSP manual stresses that the responsibilities and profiles given must be tailored to the needs of the individual programme.

Vision Although the MSP methodology is “primarily designed to cater for leading and managing transformational change” and is particularly suited to programmes managed within environments of high complexity, risk and ambiguity, there is one aspect of the programme that should not, except under the strongest external pressure, ever be altered. The Vision Statement, a document written by the Senior Responsible Owner and a team of senior management and representative stakeholders, describes the future state envisioned as the successful fulfilment of programme objectives.

Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement Engaging stakeholders, including employees, is essential if a programme is to succeed, as without adequate support from the right people, a programme may lack the resources that it needs to fulfil the benefits projected in the Vision Statement.

A stakeholder is anybody who has an interest or investment in the development of the programme. This investment may be low or high, and can be set in opposition to the influence of individual (or groups of) stakeholders within a matrix designed to help create and analyse stakeholder profiles.

Benefits Realisation Management The purpose of Benefits Realisation Management is the clear identification of benefits, and the use of these benefits as a roadmap for the programme. MSP illustrates this through the Path to Benefit Realisation diagram, which details the steps from Project Outputs to Strategic Objectives.

The pivotal position of Benefits between Project Outputs and Strategic Objectives demands that each project should be initiated and evaluated in terms of the programme strategy, ensuring that no programme carries ‘dead wood’.

Blueprint Design and Delivery The Blueprint expands upon the Vision Statement. It is a model of the future organisation, which is designed to fulfil the Vision Statement, and describes in detail its working practices and processes, its required information input, and any supporting technology. A Blueprint should also contain documentation about the current state of the organisation, in order to facilitate ‘gap analysis’, through which an organisation may understand the purpose, and refine the nature of the programme that is to be implemented.

Planning and Control The Programme Plan is a key control document that details how the programme is to be run. It provides information about resources, risk management, individual projects, deadlines, constraints and scheduling.

The aim of control is to ensure that the programme remains on-track and delivers the desired benefits, and that any accompanying transition is effected smoothly and profitably. This is enabled through planning and preparation, thorough implementation of planned processes and post-programme/-transition monitoring and support.

The Business Case The MSP Business Case, like the PRINCE2 Project Management Business Case, is intended to answer the question: is this programme (or project) worth the required investment? The information aggregated for this purpose includes: the value of the benefits, the associated risks, the cost of delivering the Blueprint, and the estimated timescale for achievement.

The Business Case is a work-in-progress, and must be updated at regular checkpoints throughout the programme to ensure that the programme’s viability can be monitored.

Risk Management and Issue Resolution MSP is a methodology ideally suited to ambiguous and uncertain programme environments. Managing risks and resolving issues is therefore a key MSP Governance Theme. Risks are uncertain events that would influence the outcome of a programme; an ‘issue’ is a risk that has occurred. Risks do not necessarily have to be negative, and managing the opportunities that risks can present is an important part of this Governance Theme.

The MSP manual provides a four-step process to Programme Risk Management: Identification, Assessment, Planning and Implementation. The Issue Resolution Process is presented in the form of a flow diagram that follows two basic steps: capture and log the issue, and then perform issue assessment, which places the issue in one of three categories. These three categories each lead to an appropriate response, which can then be implemented and recorded in the Issue Log.

Quality Management The difference between MSP Quality Management and PRINCE2 Quality Management is that, while in PRINCE2 it is the degree to which the project output matches the Acceptance Criteria that is managed, in MSP it is the efficacy of the programme and its benefits in achieving the strategic goals that is at stake.

Quality Management is a continuous activity during and after the life of the programme, and an effective Quality Management Strategy is essential to ensuring that programme benefits are successfully and comprehensively realised.

Conclusion The MSP Governance Themes are not intended as a prescription for programme management. It is not the intention that a new programme manager should sit down with the MSP manual in hand and follow its guidelines like a rule-book. Instead, the Governance Themes provide a means of organising the individual approach to programme management, in such a way that the purpose of the entire venture is closely bound to the activities of the programme itself.

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Gifts for him are always tricky as you want something that he will actually use and appreciate, and the regular old tie and socks just doesn’t cut it year after year. Men like practical gifts that they can utilise without feeling they need to just to please the buyer. They like gifts to indulge their hobbies, to help them at work or simply just to make life easier. They are the gadget lovers, the gizmo crazy and will appreciate anything that they can show off to their friends. Beer, chocolate and clothing will be well received but these things don’t last. This year get him gifts that will stand the test of time and that he will use regularly to make it worth your while too.

If he is into gardening then why not treat him to some high quality gardening tools? You can make these extra special personalising them with an engraving, so the next time he lends them to the neighbours they’ll have no choice but to hand them back and they will take pride of place on the wall in his shed! Perhaps he is a golf fanatic, in which case a set of personalised clubs are a dream come true. Admittedly they don’t come cheap but if they bear his name you can be guaranteed that he will treat them like gold dust and they honestly will last a lifetime. You could even go for personalised club covers, which are sure to elicit green eyed glares from his fellow putters.

For the business man, an engraved business card holder is a very useful and attractive gift. It will sit proudly on his desk bearing the inscription of your choice whilst simultaneously serving a purpose. An engraved letter opener is another useful item and practical office gifts for him like this will always be more of a success in the long time than a bottle of whiskey for the desk.

Cufflinks are a great accessory for any man, they scream smart and savvy and can also be personalised. They can be themed, such as the football cufflinks and golfing varieties, or they can be engraved with the owner’s initials. Quality cufflinks like these will last a lifetime and can be passed on through generations as they cannot possibly go out of fashion.

If your man enjoys a tipple be it whiskey, vodka, wine or cognac, why not buy him some personalised tumblers, champagne flutes or goblets. Glasses like these will hold pride of place beside his decanter and can bear any engraved message you like or even just the recipient’s name.

Gifts like these will always trump the novelty gifts such as socks, ties and chocolates as they will be well preserved and taken care of. Any man will appreciate something more if it bears his name as it is instantly a unique gift. Be sure to take into consideration, his hobbies and interest first though and whether or not the gifts for him you are considering will fit in with his lifestyle. In doing this you cannot fail to find the perfect gift.

Source by Dean Gammell

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Introducing a new trend line EA tool released for the forex Meta-trader 4 trading platform. This software comes with technical and sales support for its community.

How Trend Line EA Works

You draw lines in the chart manually and when price breaks across or Touches the line, the action will instruct EA to execute a trade entry. Forex users can open market orders or pending orders with this EA.

Drawn trend-line can be horizontal, vertical lines or any in between. Drawn lines with any gradient can still act as a pending order. This feature is very useful in channel or trendline trading as this powerful feature is not found in the standard function of Meta-Trader 4 trading platform.

Drawing a Pending Order

In order to program the drawn lines to perform trade entries, the lines must have specific codes at its line description. You can easily refer to the manual to copy and paste the codes into the line description.

Placing a buying pending order can be as easy as entering 'BUY' into the line description and when price breaks across or Touches the line, a trade entry will immediately be executed. If you like to have a sell pending order, enter 'SELL' to make the line a sell pending order.

Once line has executed a trade, it will expire and cease to function. Therefore, any line can only be used once. Trade entry rules like stop-loss or take-profit levels, entry lot size and slippage can be pre-specified before trade is executed.

Drag and Drop

One added advantage of a drawn line pending order is that the user can easily drag the trend line around the chart, and the pending order will moved to the new location. It almost works like drag and drop pending order with this tool.

Advanced Trend Line EA Features

Beside drawing a pending order, you can also add in single or multiple partial close lines onto the chart. By tagging these lines to the specific pending order, these newly added partial close lines will be associated with the order ticket number executed by the tagged pending order line.

You can also draw your own stop-loss lines, take profit lines, partial close and stop-loss to breakeven lines.

The stop-loss to breakeven line is the action of shifting the stop-loss level to the trade's entry price when price breaks through or touches this line. This action makes the trade a no loss trade.

This expert advisor is a very efficient tool for forex traders because it literally trades on behalf of the user thereby reducing any trading stress. Forex traders can use this tool to trade many technical chart patterns. It makes trading forex easier than before. If you can draw a few lines on the chart, it will then run by itself. It is a total trading freedom for the user as there really is nothing much to do after you have prepared the chart for the day.

Expectations Must Be Set Right

Trendline EA is a semi-automated ea designed specifically for manual forex traders. What people need to realize is that this software is only as good as the trader's technical analysis ability and trading experience.

It looks like putting a few lines on the chart and walk away, a trader could now make money from forex trading. While this tool has made this a possibility, however the developers do not think this way.

The developers wants to empower traders with complete entry and exit trade execution. This will allow greater control over forex entry and exit and hence give rise to the usage of more sophisticated forex trading system. The power happens when you can put all of these systems to work on automation while freeing you more time to study the market. It is not required to baby-sit the trades after that unless you choose to do so.

But honestly, if you can draw a line, you can make money as you apply knowledge of market volatility, support and resistance, price action and money management into your forex trading with this software.

Trend line EA is a software which helps the manual trader automates his forex trading strategy. The user must draw trend line on the chart and the EA execute the trades for him.

Source by Warren Seah

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In my early years as a teacher coach of Australian Football in secondary schools, I would have training after school at least once a week. In later years, this became untenable as boys began to work after school and many had to catch buses home. So I would have one formal training session a week during lunch hour. It would begin with a warm up. Then I would do some skill work with them involving grid work later in my career. After this we would practice a basic play e.g. centre bounce or kick out from fullback. We finished off with a short game. It might be backs against forwards on a half field or a keepings-off handball game Often the practice was based on the errors the team made in their last game.

Then, on the other days of the week, the boys were allowed to borrow footballs to have “Kick to Kick” on the oval. As often as possible, I would be on the oval giving boys advice about how to improve their kicking and marking skills.

On Wednesday, our sports day, we would meet at morning tea for me to check on attendance of players at school. I would discuss briefly our games and announce the teams.

One of the duties I had on each playing day was to umpire our school games particularly in the earlier years. This occurred because often the teacher responsible for the other team had not played our game or lacked the expertise to do it. This meant that I was at a disadvantage in a coaching sense because I had to make changes “on the run”. So, wherever possible I coached both competing teams in a general sense about what to do in our local competition. Umpiring the game did however allow me the chance to see close hand the game and skills errors my players made.

Most school game in local competition and in organised out of school hours competition are games of relatively short duration. So I always adopted the simple game plan. It was to move the ball long and quickly.

I always played my best players on the ball or in the centre i.e. where the ball is most of the time. This allowed them to bring others into the game and increased the success of the team.

In watching our games, I rarely concentrated on opposition players. I would concentrate on my own players to look for ways to improve their performance and enjoyment of the game. After all, that was my job as a teacher.

Finally, I always organised a staff versus students’ match with a difference. It was against a girls’ team. The teachers’ team had both male and female teachers. The girls’ team was joined by some of the senior footballers, dressed up in girls’ uniforms in the second half. I always played in the back line as I was usually the only teacher with football experience. The game attracted many students and staff as spectators.

Source by Richard D Boyce

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