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May 18, 2017

For years, gout has been treated with powerful drugs. The downside to the drugs is frequent and sometimes dangerous side effects. Some experts believe that the drugs can even make the condition worse in the long run. Because of this, many people choose alternative remedies and therapies to relieve the symptoms of gout.

The Cherry Theory There are a host of alternative supplements, remedies, and therapies for gout. One theory that has been widely discussed is the use of cherries to help eliminate the symptoms. Experts who believe in this theory recommend eating half a pound of cherries a day, whether canned, frozen, or fresh. It is believed that dark berries, like blueberries, blackberries, and cherries, may contain chemicals that lower uric acid and reduce inflammation.

Muraleedharan Nair, the lead researcher of the ‘cherry project’ at Michigan State University, explains, “Twenty cherries provide 25 milligrams of anthocyanins, which help to shut down the enzymes that cause tissue inflammation in the first place so cherries can prevent and treat many kinds of pain.”

More research is being done to determine the real health benefits of cherries. At least it’s an easy, appetizing consumption. Many gout sufferers opt for the recommended daily dose of cherries with cherry juice or concentrate. I can easily polish off half a pound of frozen cherries in a smoothie with soy milk, or with some cashew nuts in the food processor as a frozen dessert.

Natural Supplements

You may be wondering about natural supplements and creams that claim to relieve the pain instantly. Of course, ‘quick cures’ sound great to anyone with an acute gout attack but most of these products are worthless and expensive. However, there are few worth considering:

DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

These are natural remedies considered effective for gout. DMSO is an industrial solvent and it was discovered in the 1960s that it could penetrate human skin and was shown to relieve pain and swelling, relax muscles, relieve arthritis, improve blood supply, and slow bacteria growth. It is extensively used in sports medicine for obvious reasons.

MSM is a naturally occurring substance found in plants, dairy products, meats, fruits, and vegetables. It is an odorless, tasteless, soluble crystalline solid in its pure form.

Once DMSO or MSM is used (in capsule, powder, or cream forms), the pain is supposed to disappear within minutes, though not enough scientific study has been conducted to verify the benefits. DMSO should not be used during an acute gout attack, as it can make the gout “quite angry.”

Bee Venom

Another supplement still under study is the use of bee venom to reduce swelling and inflammation. This form of treatment has been around for thousands of years but at this time there is not substantial medical proof that it helps conditions of arthritis.

Natural Remedies

Many natural remedies, often born in folk tradition, have been attributed to easing the symptoms of gout for various reasons. Following is a list of alternative home remedies though in many cases there is no scientific proof about their effectiveness. Still, they are cost-effective and generally harmless. But before using these remedies, consult your physician or a practitioner trained in the use of health supplements so that you understand appropriate doses and any associated risks such as interactions with medications and so forth.

Apple cider vinegar

While it certainly provides many health benefits, there are mixed opinions about the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar on gout. The theory is that the vinegar changes the blood pH so that the crystals will go into the solution and be excreted. Two tablespoons a day is recommended. If you can’t stomach it plain, try adding the cider to a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey.


Bilberry contains compounds called anthocyanidins and flavinoids which are helpful for gout as these substances reduce uric-acid levels and slow down tissue destruction. Both the leaves and berries can be taken as a pill or tea, or the berries can be chewed, stewed, or made into jam.

Celery seeds

These seeds are primarily used as a diuretic to promote the excretion of urine. Lab studies have also found that compounds in celery seed and its essential oil may help reduce muscle spasms, calm the nerves, and reduce inflammation. Some experts claim the seeds alleviate the pain associated with gout.

Chinese Tiger Balm

This herbal, topical preparation is used to lessen the pain of rheumatism. The preparation contains aromatic oils of camphor, menthol, peppermint, clove, and cajeput (an East Indian oil) that increases blood flow to the surface skin. For relief, massage the painful area with Tiger Balm for up to fifteen minutes, three or four times a day.

In Part 2 of this article, you will learn about turmeric, stinging nettle, juniper berry, gravel root, Devil’s Claw, and dandelion root as natural gout remedies.

Source by Howie Jacobson

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Activity diagrams describe the actual work flow behavior of a system in Information Technology. These diagrams are very similar to state Diagrams because activities are the actual state of doing something. These diagrams describe the actual state of activities of a system by showing all the sequence of activities performed. Also, these diagrams can show activities that are conditional or parallel.

When to Use: Activity Diagrams

Activity diagrams should be used in alignment with other modeling techniques like interaction diagrams and State diagrams. The main reason behind using these diagrams is to model the work flow behind the system being designed. these Diagrams are also useful for analyzing a use case by describing what actions need to take place and when they should occur, describing a complicated sequential algorithm and modeling applications with parallel processes.

Activity diagrams’ advantages:

  • UML modeling language included that these diagrams are normally easily comprehensible for both analysts and stakeholders.
  • In UML for the IT Business Analyst, “The activity diagram is the one most useful to the IT BA for depicting work flow [because] it is simple to understand-both for BAs and end-users.”
  • Since they are among the most user-friendly diagrams available, they are generally regarded as an essential tool in an analyst’s repertoire.
  • Additionally, as stated above, activity diagrams allow an analyst to display multiple conditions and actors within a work flow through the use of swimlanes. Swimlanes, however, are optional as a single condition or actor is normally displayed without them.

Activity diagrams’ disadvantages:

UML modeling language include that these diagrams have the potential to become overly complex because their user-friendly nature may lend itself to an all-inclusive description. In other words, since it is so simple to display the information related to the project, why not include all of it? When an analyst has a large project, creating a single, overly complex diagram can be a temptation.

However, as one author notes, “if you are using activity diagrams to define the structure of a work flow, you should not attempt to explore several levels of activity graphs down to their most ‘atomic’ level”. Instead, an analyst should try to present a new diagram for each work flow, or if more applicable, to use swimlanes to present different actors within the same work flow.

Another aspect of these diagrams is that they may not be used in lieu of a state diagram or sequence diagram because “activity diagrams do not give detail about how objects behave or how objects collaborate.” This is not a disadvantage per se, but it is important for an analyst to keep in mind when applying diagrams to their work.

In conclusion, activity diagrams are fairly easy to get the hang of, and will be useful for most projects because they plainly and moderately clearly demonstrate how things work.” Unlike many diagramming techniques, these diagrams also enable the depiction of multiple choices and actors within a work flow, and they are easy for even non-technical users to follow

Applications of activity diagram:

This diagram has been extended to specify flows among steps that transmit physical matter (e.g., gasoline) or energy (e.g., torque, pressure).

  • Additional changes allow the diagram to better support continuous behaviors and continuous data flows.
  • The UML 2 specification significantly prolonged the features and scale of activity diagrams beyond their earlier classification as a special case of state diagrams.
  • Today, activity diagrams can be thought of as flow charts for the 21st century, and UML modelers use activity diagrams to describe it.
  • Also, these diagrams are useful in following methods:
  • Business Rules
  • Functions that occur in parallel
  • Complex chain of multiple use cases
  • Software flows and logic control configurations
  • Procedures with judgment points and alternate flows
  • Single use cases

Source by Preeti D G

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When I got started in real estate investing I was flat-broke, my credit was obliterated, and I was still trying to financially recover from a major business setback. As if that wasn’t enough, the housing market had just cratered and was in a complete state of distress. It certainly was an “interesting” time to choose to become a full-time real estate investor to say the least.

Believe it or not, this ended up being incredibly beneficial for me in the long run for two key reasons. First, I had to take action. I didn’t have time to wait. I had a stack of bills I needed to pay and I needed to pay them now. Second, I had to learn to acquire properties so cheaply that I would have no problem “quick selling” them even in an awful market. Both of these have been critical skills to my real estate investing success and have allowed me to build a million dollar real estate business.

Here are the 7 real estate investing strategies I used:

1) Wholesaling:

Wholesaling is when you put a property under contract and then assign your rights in that contract to an end buyer for a fee. It takes very little money to do. What you need is knowledge and a lot of “hustle.” Wholesaling served as the foundation of my real estate business and is what “kept the lights on” in the beginning.

2) Simultaneous Buy/Sell; Double Close:

Similar to wholesaling in that you don’t keep the property, a double close is when you both buy and sell the property at the same time. I would do a double close if I thought the markup was substantial enough that the potential buyer would balk. By having two sets of closing documents, the end buyer only sees the price you are selling the property at and not what you paid for it.

3) Rehabs (rehab to rent, rehab to owner finance, rehab to sell):

Thanks to HGTV everybody is pretty familiar with rehabbing. Basically you are completely transforming a house that needs repairs or updating. The finish-out of my rehabs vary pretty dramatically depending on whether I’m getting a house ready to rent or ready to sell. If I’m looking to sell, I certainly create that WOW factor!

4) Spec Home Building:

Short for speculative, this is building a home without having an end buyer lined up prior to starting construction. I view this as a somewhat risky strategy as at the tail end of every boom speculation runs rampant and often these spec homes wipe people out when the market inevitably comes back down to earth. If I build a spec home it is priced for moderate level housing and can be used as an excellent rental if it doesn’t sell.

5) Owner Finance (homes and land):

When you owner finance a property you are essentially taking the place a lender traditionally would be in. Instead of receiving a lump-sum at closing, you are paid out over a period of years and receive interest. This can be a great tool for creating passive income! You do a couple of months’ worth of work upfront and get paid for that work for 15, 20, or 30 years. What a business!

6) Land Investments:

I have bought prime properties that presented incredible value. Again as this is a speculative type of investment, every time I buy a piece of land I also make sure I can profitably develop it in case it doesn’t sell. Remember, until you sale, land generally only produces outflows.

7) Rental Properties:

Rental properties have historically been the #1 wealth building strategy in real estate. Someone is paying for the costs of your asset as you enjoy the benefits of appreciation, equity build-up, and tax advantages. I primarily focus on moderate income housing that performs well in any market environment. Additionally, every rental I purchase is always a positive cash flow deal; meaning the income more than covers all of the expenses associated with the property. Rental properties are a great way to generate sustainable passive income.

As you can see in the examples above, to be successful in real estate you don’t need lots of money or great credit to start. What you need is a willingness to learn and most importantly a willingness to take action. Real estate investing is an incredible tool you can use to transform your life!

Source by Billy Stohler

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You have heard of card game clubs, sports club, press club etc. but, now there are Entrepreneur Clubs also which can solve the entrepreneurial problems. Popularly known as Entre Club, the club is actually a group of people who get together to implement and promote entrepreneurial practices in the respective areas.

Entre Club and its Functions:

Every entre club has some objectives. Some clubs aim at educating students about entrepreneurship and some provide financial aid to the students for participating in a competition. Whatever be the objectives these clubs follow, they are directly and indirectly involved in the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit.

Generally, an entre club performs following functions:

1. The participants share their ideas and problems with each other.

2. A club organizes events to strengthen the network.

3. It invites experts to answer to the queries of club members.

4. It aims at getting the right knowledge to solve a problem or investment issues.

5. It invests its time and money in problems and sells solutions for the same.

6. It doesn’t work as a committee or commission. But, it works as an individual who has an ample amount of freedom to exercise.

7. It works on its own evaluation level and takes decisions more swiftly.

8. It promotes commercial goods and services by pooling the knowledge of various experts.

9. It solves problems of all its group members and provides them with enough opportunities to work upon.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you don’t need to have money but you must have an urge to earn money. You don’t need scholarly sense but you must have great ideas.

An entrepreneur must have right knowledge and above all a risk-taking attitude. He should have capability of converting few pennies into thousand dollars. An entre club uses the knowledge of all such entrepreneurs who have got skills, attitude and temperament to perform well.

As a small business owner, you must be a part of such clubs to get right kind of support to grow. You must share the problems and challenges you are facing and the ideas you are exploring. A group of opportunists in these clubs can act as mentors who can show you right path to follow and right strategies to implement.

A simple get together at entre club can actually come out as a great brainstorming session. And you never know where you get the great idea to invest. So, enter into an Entre Club and enjoy the benefits.

To know what kind of club is suitable for you and how it performs, you can consult market advisors or you can search over internet to learn about various entre clubs operating in your area.

Source by Alexander Gordon

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Genealogy is an interesting hobby that has many psychological benefits. Technology enables even a non skilled researcher to gain more information faster and more efficiently and in turn benefit significantly!

The actual definition of genealogy refers to the tracing of unified languages and the tracing of vital data. Although I will be using the terms interchangeably, family history refers to a number of forms of research which we commonly refer to as genealogy. These forms include;

– Genealogy which is using archival records to trace a living person’s pedigree from the present back in time or the tracing of a historic person’s decadency forward,

– Genetic Genealogy which is the comparison of DNA of living individuals to discover relationships.

– One-name studies which refer to an investigation of person’s with a common surname.

– One-place studies which refer to an investigation of the population histories of a particular location.

– Heraldic and Peerage studies which refer to the investigation of the legal rights of a person to bear arms or claim noble status.

– Clan studies refer to a comparison of individuals with shared patrilineal or matrilineal connection to a tribal chieftain regardless of blood relation or surname.

– Family Social and Economic History which refers to the overview of a person’s place in society or economic achievements. Information about lives from wider historical sources using oral and written records is utilized.

Genealogical research often begins with an approximate notion of the extent of the entity and always ends at or before prehistoric times.

The motivation to conduct genealogical research varies from religious belief systems, pride of decent from certain groups, the desire to know medical and family history of an adopted individual or celebrating resilience of families who survived poverty or slavery. Families can celebrate the success of integration across racial or national boundaries. Families have even been known to emphasize their link to celebrity criminals!

There are psychological benefits to conducting genealogical research. In its most general sense people adopt this past time as a leisure activity. Any leisure activity will have generic benefits. The psychological benefits of this particular leisure activity are much more significant. A sense of accomplishment and independence is gained from the simple act of researching and compiling information. Tracing family heritage can help elderly people accept the concept of death and mortality. They gain the perspective that they are a part of a long line of relatives that leaves a legacy for future generations. Genealogical research fosters a sense of self worth and belonging by mentally digesting that your ancestors and you yourself play a part in history.

From a psychological perspective, family history research satisfies fundamental needs. I will list the benefits in order starting with the most basic fundamental need.

– Social Needs; Belonging Acceptance and Friendship

– Ego Needs, Achievement, Status

– Self Actualization

– Transcendence which is similar to identifying yourself with a character in a movie.

Technology makes the research faster and more efficient than ever before. The more detailed the information the more interested the researcher will remain and the more benefits he will receive. There are multiple websites devoted specifically to this research. There is also a multitude of information instantly available through other sites which can be compiled. Instructional computer software [http://www.thesoftwarespot.com/default.asp?SID=xBC78RWX5R64XT33G8E6D3&S=500&A=F&SearchText=&CategoryID=1695949&NID=6372614] is available to suggest avenues, organize and present your information.

The psychological benefits of genealogy are significant and plentiful. Technology enables even a non skilled researcher to gain more information faster and more efficiently and in turn benefit greatly!

Source by Allison Merlino

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The Guitar Hero series of games for different platforms is one of the best and most entertaining of any music-oriented gaming series. The latest installment, Guitar Hero 3, is one of the greatest video games to be introduced to the public! Because of it’s vast popularity, many people search the internet to find Guitar Hero 3 songs and songlists for the game. In this article, we’ll show you a pretty comprehensive list of Guitar Hero 3 Songs, at different levels of the game!…

When “starting out small” there aren’t very many expectations as the crowd doesn’t even know who you are! You’re still in the learning phase, and that’s reflected in the easy songs they chose! In case you haven’t made it yet, here’s what to expect during the “beginner phase”…

Tier 1: Starting Out Small

1. Slow Ride

2. Talk Dirty to Me

3. Hit Me with Your Best Shot

4. Story of My Life

5. Encore: Rock and Roll All Nite

6. Co-op Encore: Sabotage

As you would expect, the second level of the Guitar Hero 3 Songs list get’s a bit tougher! Take a look….

Tier 2: Your First Real Gig

7. Mississippi Queen

8. School’s Out

9. Sunshine of Your Love

10. Barracuda

11. Boss: Tom Morello’s Original Boss Battle Recording

12. Encore: Bulls on Parade

13. Co-op Encore: Reptillia

Time to make the video my friend! You’re starting to see some success in your career, and the Guitar Hero 3 songs at levels 3, 4 and 5 get harder…but are much cooler! Check em’ out!…

Tier 3: Making The Video

14. When You Were Young

15. Miss Murder

16. The Seeker

17. Lay Down

18. Encore: Paint It Black

19. Co-op Encore: Suck My Kiss

Tier 4: European Invasion

20. Paranoid

21. Anarchy in the U.K.

22. Kool Thing

23. My Name is Jonas

24. Encore: Even Flow

25. Co-op Encore: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

Tier 5: Bighouse Blues

26. Holiday in Cambodia

27. Rock You Like a Hurricane

28. Same Old Song and Dance

29. La Grange

30. Boss: Slash’s Original Boss Battle Recording

31. Encore: Welcome to The Jungle

32. Co-op Encore: Helicopter

This next section of Guitar Hero 3 songs includes some great alternative, 90’s tunes like Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins) and Black Sunshine (White Zombie).

Tier 6: The Hottest Band On Earth

33. Black Magic Woman

34. Cherub Rock

35. Black Sunshine

36. The Metal (by Tenacious D)

37. Encore: Pride and Joy

38. Co-op Encore: Monsters

Tier 7: Live In Japan

39. Before I Forget

40. Stricken

41. 3’s and 7’s

42. Knights of Cydonia

43. Encore: Cult of Personality

Tier 8: Battle For Your Soul

44. Raining Blood

45. Cliffs of Dover

46. Number of the Beast

47. One

48. Boss: Lou (The Devil) Boss Battle Recording

49. Encore: Devil Went Down to Georgia

And, here are the bonus tracks that Guitar Hero offers…if you’re good enough!

Bonus Tracks:

50. Avalancha (by Héroes del Silencio)

51. Can’t Be Saved (by Senses Fail)

52. Close (by Lacuna Coil)

53. Don’t Hold Back (by The Sleeping)

54. Down n’ Dirty (by LA Slum Lords)

55. F.C.P. Remix (by The Fall of Troy)

56. Generation Rock (by Revolverheld)

57. Go That Far (by Bret Michaels Band)

58. Hier Kommt Alex (by Die Toten Hosen)

59. I’m in the Band (by The Hellacopters)

60. Impulse (by An Endless Sporadic)

61. In Love (by Scouts of St. Sebastian)

62. In the Belly of a Shark (by Gallows)

63. Mauvais Garçon (by Naast)

64. Metal Heavy Lady (by Lions)

65. Minus Celsius (by Backyard Babies)

66. My Curse (by Killswitch Engage)

67. Nothing for Me Here (by Dope)

68. Prayer of the Refugee (by Rise Against)

69. Radio Song (by Superbus)

70. Ruby (by Kaiser Chiefs)

71. She Bangs the Drums (by The Stone Roses)

72. Take This Life (by In Flames)

73. The Way It Ends (by Prototype)

74. Through the Fire and Flames (by DragonForce)

We hope you enjoyed this list of Guitar Hero 3 Songs! If you are thinking of getting the game, it comes highly recommended! There are additional tunes that can be found on the game, but it’s up to you to get them unlocked! Enjoy….and keep on rockin!

Source by E. Thomas

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Women have a specific advantage as process servers over men – their gender.

Defendants in actions are often leery about service of documents. They are, naturally, afraid of the consequences of accepting documents. Fears of financial ruin, embarrassment and how they will defend themselves are common.

Many Defendants who expect service of documents anticipate a man who will intimidate them and, maybe, create a scene in front of others. Unfortunately, this is a scenario promoted by the entertainment industry and leaves a lasting impression.

A woman on the doorstep or asking for an individual at a business is, for the most part, deemed less suspicious. Defendants do not usually associate women with process servers, which is a benefit when Defendants hope to evade service.

The presence of a woman process server may be less noted by others. A woman can conduct service in an unobtrusive manner that will go unremarked and save the Defendant embarrassment, especially in a workplace setting.

Defendants may tend to be less argumentative or aggressive with a women due to the absence of a threatening demeanor. People confronted with a physically imposing process server may instinctively become self-defensive and act combative.

Defendants feel more comfortable accepting documents from a woman. Studies have shown women excel at active listening. Many people hold the belief that a women is likely to have greater empathy for their situation. Right or wrong, this belief is advantageous.

A psychology sensitivity studies analysis conducted by a Northeastern University professor demonstrated women generally exceed men at decoding non-verbal messages and body language. Along with this finding, the analysis also established women are better at detecting lies. Both these traits are valuable in a process server.

If the Defendant is reluctant to accept service, a polite explanation from a woman process server about how acceptance will actually benefit them by permitting them to respond to the lawsuit may be seen as helpful.

While women in some circles may be viewed less favorably than men in terms of “toughness”, recent evidence shows that women are as focused, tenacious and achievement-oriented. Many women process servers have enrolled in self-defense and martial arts programs to ensure their safety and competency to handle situations which may become hostile or combative.

The reality is a woman process server can ease the service of documents on both compliant and non-compliant Defendants.

Source by Kathleen Albright

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The gifts of science are indisputable and countless. There can be no denying the fact that science has made so much progress that life of a man, society, nation and the world has advanced tremendously. The knowledge gained learn through science and scientific technology speaks volumes about man’s ingenuity and skill. If all this was not achieved by science it would be no wonder that, even today, man might have been the animal as he was in the ages past – i.e. just another animal. It is science that has given us all the amenities of modern living that we can proudly boast of end enjoy.

The drudgery of household work has been reduced to an almost nil by the numerous gifts of science. You have much task to do, and there is a machine to do it for you. In its social aspect, no matter where we want to go, whomsoever we want to meet, the scientist has helped us and we have umpteen scientific modes of traveling to and fro. We want entertainment, the radio and then the television are at our doorstep to do the job, in our drawing rooms or in the bedrooms. If we want to gain knowledge we have other media – books. This is also the result of mechanization of solving problems. When we want to know more about other countries of the world, we have the internet to help us out. So, in a nutshell, we can say that, the twins of science and mechanism have brought us out of the darkness of the woods. Let us understand that, is the subject, and mechanization is the outcome. We can say the two are like two bodies and one soul.

Our lifestyle is now undoubtedly much above and the animal that of man ages back. This journey has taken man centres but, it has been worth it. Now, having studied the gifts of Science to mankind, it will do us some good if we do some introspection and try also to study how, and to what extent we are now misusing our scientific knowledge. As far as science is helping man to make life better it is very good but, does man stop there? He continues his so-called study and research which further leads him on to the destructive capability of science. We are in for making bombs, using nuclear energy for purposes of destruction. Today man has the most destructive weapons ever produced. One bomb can annihilate civilization. In the event of a third world war, there is no doubt that man will perish. It is at this aspect of scientific growth we must put a stop whose gain will it be, if the world is destroyed? I am sure it will benefit none. Yes, none at all. We must understand that we should not pursue the track that leads to annihilation. All the gifts of science must be enjoyed to the full and that can happen only if man survives to taste the fruits of mechanization. Production of destructive weapons the greatest curse of science to men.

On the home front also it is felt that, too much mechanization, accounts for our inability to work of our own self. We get so used to machines that our bodies get absolutely frozen and become unfit to do any work. Moving about all the time in cars makes our physique. This creeps several diseases. We become basically very lazy.

On the national front, mechanization has led to industrialization which, in turn has given birth to extensive unemployment and capitalism. Machines being devices to save labour, have mercilessly thrown thousand out of employment, and capitalism has led to class struggle, the big capitalists exploiting the poor labourers.

At the lowest and smallest level of life, man has lost his own humaneness as though he himself has become a machine. He has got so enmeshed in the machines that the has lost all contact with his own species who make for his live company. This live company has been sacrificed for the mechanical idiot box. As son as man loses touch with his kin, he is most likely to become a machine whose company he keeps all the while. The human touch which was so special about a family and the society is getting lost as every individual has become more or less a machine.

Besides these mundane and down-to-earth results of scientific growth, there is one very important aspect which has got lost. Science leaves no place to accommodate God or religion. For the scientific and mechanical mind can understand only what he sees or, something that can be explained with some amount of reasoning. God and religion are two things that can have no mathematical formulae to explain. Today’s man cannot understand this so called foolish premise of the existence of any God.

This disbelief in God is leading to further degeneration of the family and the society, the two essential composites of a healthy nation. There does not in today’s context seem to be any force that can convince man of the necessity of being God fearing and thus being good. Man understand only what he can see and these days his vision is too blurred to see the place of God in the scheme of things. This irreligious attitude of man is further bringing down to the lowest ebb, the sensitivity of our very beings.

Thus we see that the blessings of science though innumerable, have a matching number of abuses. The abuses are so great that they even pose the danger of complete annihilation of the human race, both physically and mentally and of course spiritually. Looking at the sum total of the scenario the abuses outnumber the blessings. This is because man is basically destructive by nature and getting too much of scientific know-how will only confirm his doom.

Source by Rajesh Mohan

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Everyone blushes, but for some people their lives can be dominated with trying to prevent it. The fear of involuntary blushing impacts the daily life of more people than you would think. It is a very common characteristic of social anxiety. It is rarely spoken about by those who struggle with it because attention to it could lead to it. Biologically, it is a result of the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (activates bodies response to danger). Blood vessels near the skin dilate and the increase in blood flow reddens the face. Typically fear redirects blood flow from the skin and extremities to skeletal muscles but the opposite seems to happen with blushing. Why this happens is not clear.

Everyone blushes and typically this is a result of embarrassment, surprise, modesty, or shame. However, for some people there is no clear reason for it to happen. This painfully unpredictable disorder is called Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema (ICE). The phobia of blushing is called Erythrophobia. Because reddening of the face can be quite visible (depending on natural skin coloration), someone who is socially anxious might connect blushing with the possibility of embarrassing attention and so it becomes part of their anxiety.

It may be for others that the biological tendency to blush easily is first and then anxiety about it follows. When anxiety associates with blushing then the anxiety activates the sympathetic nervous system and that causes blushing and so a self-reinforcing cycle forms. This can be debilitating as people avoid any circumstance that might lead to blushing. This is often social because it is one of those things that people seem to feel free to comment upon, “Wow, your face is so red! Why is your face red?” Research shows that verbal feedback like this increases blushing. Fearing or expecting to blush can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Often the anxiety starts in childhood because kids are more likely to comment about it.

Here is a working list of suggestions for treatment that I have found in various places.

  1. Task concentration training (TCT) appears to be most effective treatment based on research I found. The theory is that anxiety and blushing cause an inward focus thus increasing subjective awareness of feelings, thoughts and symptoms. This increases the blush response as well as anxiety. Training in outward focus (a similar treatment is effective with athletes) has been proven to be the most effective approach even after a year. This article has a good summary of the process although it is a bit technical.
  2. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. More specifically that would mean examining and revising beliefs (cognitive) about blushing. Also, it would involve behaving differently. Rather than avoiding it could mean voluntarily exposing yourself to a fearful situation. A number of suggestions I found fall under this treatment:

    • Activate the counterbalancing part of your nervous system (parasympathetic) by relaxing and breathing differently. This has to be practiced at some length before it will be effective.
    • Draw attention to it rather than hiding it. This paradox, as hard as it seems, works with anxiety. Many people with social anxiety mistakenly think that disclosing anxiety is worse than hiding it.
    • Accept it rather than resist it. Accept that at this point you are a person who blushes easily and that is simply the way it is. You may wish it was different but it is what it is.
    • Revise what you imagine other people are thinking. Collect some data. Ask some people what they think. What would a friend tell you about it? Explain it to people. Research suggests that blushing-fearful people inflate the both the probability it will happen and the social cost of blushing. In other words, they think it is way worse than it is and that others are thinking more critically than they are.
    • Practice the symptom. Try to make yourself blush by creating the circumstances. Do that over and over on purpose. You can do this gradually or all at once. This process is called systematic desensitization or exposure.
    • Reframe the meaning of blushing. Historical evidence demonstrates that redness of cheeks is a sign of beauty and youth as well as markers of modesty and charm. As an expression of shame or embarrassment that can be very positive depending on the context.
  3. Some sites suggest hypnosis. I couldn’t find any research support but there are a number of personal stories or single cases that showed improvement on the web.
  4. Medication. Some people experience relief with medications that treat anxiety. Typically these are medication like Celexa, Prozac, Zoloft and other similar medications. Medications like Xanax, Klonopin and other benzodiazepines are sometimes prescribed. Sometime blood pressure medications such as beta blockers can be effective. A few sites suggest that botox may be helpful. Consult your physician for more information about this treatment.
  5. There is a surgical operation available for severe cases. It is called Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. Frequently this is used to treat severe sweating but there appear to be cases that have been effective for blushing.
  6. A dermatologist should be consulted if this problem exists to rule out any underlying disorders.

It seems that there has been an increase in research and treatment options in the last 10 years. This is hopeful for those struggling with this.

Source by David A Russ, Ph.D.

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Skills that will make work easier for them should be acquired by the students to enable them to face these tough challenges. These skills will make sure that the students are not exposed to defeat when things get tough. Time management is a prime skill that they must learn.

The capability of a student to manage his time efficiently is referred to as time management. This includes goal setting, proper choosing, prioritization, organizing skill and many such skills. The concept of managing time is quite difficult as it demands good adjustment and preparation.

Proper and effective management of time by students yields great benefits. These benefits yielded from proper time managing skill are listed below

1. Students who practice efficient and proper management of time tend to get more quality time. There are many things that students neglect just to make most of the time they get.

But they do not realise the importance of these activities. eg. Eating;

Eating is an important part of every individual. People have to eat on time and also properly to keep them going. This is a portion of the total time they spend. With the acquirement of time managing skills, one can learn effective time organization in order to enjoy his meal at the right time.

2. No task setting for the future. The things that were left undone by the individual or those should have been done tends to give him a burden as a result of subconscious guilt. Building effective time management skills guides the individual through the art of denying procrastination and also teaches the individual to prioritize activities.

The individual feels more comfortable when he comes to know that there are no unfinished activities that will burden him when he is doing other activities. Work becomes more efficient when the individual’ s conscience is devoid of worrying thoughts.

3. Students with proper and effective time management skills tend to have lesser frustrations. Proper planning and good organization are assets of managing time. This makes sure that the individual does not face any frustrations in future. The act of overcoming one’ s frustration makes it easy to unleash the complete flair of productivity and creativity of an individual.

4. Time management tends to increase an individual’ s energy levels. Undone things will likely circulate in an individual’ s mind. These things tentatively strike the individual when he is doing other activities. The skill of managing time effectively and properly teaches the individual to live in an organized manner and also to release his mind from the thoughts of the unfinished business. As a result one can procure and experience the higher energy level that was never experienced.

5. The skill of good time management can also help the individual to to acquire a sense of achievement and peace of mind. If the individual is not sure as to where he is proceeding, he will begin to sense dissatisfaction and anxiety. An important feature of time managing skills is smart goal setting. This technique helps the individual realise the most suited path of progress.

The results of time management could be felt only by practising it first. Listed below are the most important things that would lead an individual to these results.

1. Goal setting. One must be really clear about his goals. These should be realistic and achievable.

2. Realising one’ s most productive periods. This realisation prompts the individual to perform more and apply more efforts.

3. Avoiding procrastination. Effective and wise usage of time is crucial.

4. Organizing skills. A clear idea on organizing things properly helps the individual to achieve the goals at the planned time.

5. Knowledge on prioritizing. This aspect is really important. It is the key to acquire managing skills.

Apart from this, the student should be dedicated in the art of effective time management.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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A wireless headphone gives you the freedom to do things, the things you want to do away from your stereo or television. No longer are you just stuck there in one spot…afraid you might miss that special touchdown pass or part of a favorite tv show. No longer do you have to wait for a commercial to go get that snack. With a non-wired head set you’ve got more options than ever thought possible for listening

So, what is there secret? No secret really. There’s a base unit which emits an infrared signal to the headphones you wear.

That home unit is what plugs into your stereo or television. Also, the base is usually the cradle for recharging the head set. Some of the base units are designed for all types of devices such as the personal computer or laptop. They can be used with televisions and even hand held devices…like Ipods.

Certain developments in technology has allowed the freedom of wireless to be available for mp3 players and other hand held devices. This is a great thing for someone who wants to exercise and is always fumbling with the cord on the head set. Many people trying to work out are so bothered by the cord. Someone who finds themselves bothered by cords which can tangle into a mass of self destruction, will find this advancement wonderful.

You need to remember the difference between wireless headphones and cordless. Some people refer to them as being the same, but they are not. Wireless means you most likely have to stay in the line of sight of the base unit. The technology behind this is similar to that of your remote control for the television. The standard range is about 30 feet. Some units are available with more mobility, but signal strength can be lost. This makes most of these units more compatible with home or office use than anywhere else.

There are units available which have multi-user capabilities. This is great for one or more persons to share the same audio signal. It makes music sharing easy between friends.

These are available for home office and standard office applications. People who make their living on the phone are no longer strapped to the desk. This allows them more freedom of movement. Stuck in one position for long periods can be tiring. That’s all over now, and the telemarketer can stand and take a brief walk or stretch without the cumbersome burden of cords. The work environment becomes a more productive and enjoyable experience.

More and more they are becoming popular in learning institutions. It makes it easy for an instructor to section the class room into groups. Each group can share the media from a single device. The entire classroom is able to enjoy freedom of mobility while still remaining productive. No longer are the students being stuck to the desk. Structured settings just became more relaxed. When the person learning does not feel so burdened the learning experience can become more enjoyable.

Wireless headphones and the technology along with them is no longer limited to just a home stereo but to everyone on the move. Isn’t it time you took advantage of this technology also?

Source by Ronald Rougeaux

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