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Sharing matter always, it create joy & harmony in one’s life.

I’m a computer graphics designer, web designer, technical expert. I hope you guys love my work, which i did for all great people like you forever, enjoying the life with passion & knowledge we all have. I decided last year to create a website on every topic, any problem to give actual solution or say exact ‘knowledge’ to the pining popup in our mind. That is the main reason for creating a great website portal for a great knowledge base. In that greatness i came to the new field ‘web development’, which added to my skills. Thanks to god who given us the life to explore and expand ourselves more great in our world. Thanks for looking & explore knowledge to expand your self and others.


“Come to learn, go to serve.”

This site is created with love, care, passion and much more by true heart.

So check out the great knowledge gifted by all the great people to us.


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