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It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. This quote fits the best in MLM recruiting process. The whole process of recruiting new people in the MLM business depends on the way you conduct yourself in front of them. Any kind of impression formed will affect their decision to join the business. Therefore, it is always wise to take extra care while approaching to the prospects.

Although it depends on your personal approach to convince your prospects, here are some tips to help you enhance your skills in the same:

  1. Honesty : Being genuine in your approach is the best way to get your prospects to trust you. If you gain their confidence, they would like to listen to what you have to say. Whatever information you provide to them, should be based on facts and reality. Any exaggerated or privileged information can lead to loss of their interest in the business. Also making fake promises would force them to withdraw themselves from the business.
  2. Possessing great knowledge and record of your job : People like to listen to those who have a great knowledge of their job and also to those who achieved excellence in their fields. Knowing your job well helps you professionally and also in explaining the business to your prospects well. Here, no matter what position you are in at present, you should develop a constant ability to improve and develop your knowledge and skills in your job, which later helps you acquire success and make an impression on your future prospects. Share your own experiences with the prospects and let them know how you have benefited from the business. This will help you gain their confidence in you.
  3. Providing help and support in the later stages : When an individual is willing to join an MLM Business , he / she expects full support at any stage of the business from the company as well as the upline who is recruiting them. When you promise your prospects to provide them with help, they immediately form a good impression of you and the company in their minds. They agree to join the business without having second thoughts.
  4. Following up : A person judges you on the basis of your interest in him. If you keep in touch and continuously follow up with them with the latest information and developments, without letting them feel that you are forcing them to join, they would also take interest in your business proposal. And once they feel that they will benefit from the business; They would readily accept the proposal.
  5. Be friendly and polite in your approach : Although, it is your wish how you want to deal with your prospects, ie, basically or informally, it is better to have a friendly conversation. It creates a light atmosphere, which helps you and your prospects to understand each other better. What you should always remember is, to be polite and keep your calm while talking to them. Loosing temperature would leave a black mark about you on the minds of your prospects.

Recruiting prospects for your MLM business is not a difficult task only if you take care of little things while dealing with them. The above mentioned would probably help you fight your blues of making prospects join the business.

Source by Sara Adams

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Customs house agent is a very important person whenever you are importing or exporting any goods. By definition he is a person who has acquired a license to acts as an agent for transaction of any business related to departure or entry of transportations or the export or import of goods at any customs station. Generally the businesses that imports or exports goods don’t have knowledge about the rules and regulations of the government and neither do they have any time to look into these matters. Hence, they appoint a agent to act on their behalf. However, all the duties performed by the customs house agent are administered by a government body known as “Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations.”

Nowadays, almost all the metros have customs house agents. There is Ahmedabad customs house agents, Mumbai customs house agent, Delhi customs house agents, and many more. However, to become an agent the applicant must possess some qualifications. Below are few requisites to become an agent.

1. Applicant must be graduate from recognized university
2. Applicant must hold Form G pass
3. Should have three years work experience in customs clearing
4. Should have property of Rs. 1 lac or Rs 50,000 cash verified by a scheduled bank
5. Faithfulness of the applicant and their financial status are also considered

Apart from this, if there are too many applications for the licenses, then the commissioner selects the applicants by seniority. Once deemed as a licensed agent they have to perform certain duties and obligations specified by the licensing regulation. Some of the duties and responsibilities of an agent are:

• An agent can only clear the imported or exported goods against the approval from the principal and is also required to produce the authorization letter when asked by commissioner.
• An agent has to personally clear the goods and all the documents prepared by him to clear the goods must bear his name on top of the document.
• An agent is obligated to advice the client to follow all the provisions of the government act and other regulations.
• The agent is supposed to promptly pay the government all the duties and taxes money that he has received from the client.
• The agents should maintain all the financial transactions up-to-date. Furthermore, he must also maintain all the documents like bill of entry, shipping bills, etc. for at least five years.

Ahmedabad customs house agents and other agents nowadays use computer software for creating and filing various bills online. This made their work much easier and faster. However, the software is free but it requires registration of the agent’s website to ICEGATE.

Source by Rupin S Parikh

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Women are monsters! A recent gruesome report of a man incessantly trampled on and finally murdered in cold blood by his wife is an instance of the fact that women are heartless. There are numerous cases where wives enslave and incessantly beat their husbands, many successfully turn their children against their fathers… such subdued men live in fear, many turn to drugs for comfort. Consequently, it is not uncommon in men’s gathering to hear talks about women’s hitches and inconsequentialities at homes.

Women’s ruthlessness has clouded the minds of most men, resulting in their failure recognizing the actuality of countless peaceful women enslaved in the hands of their tyrannous but tricky husbands- vicious husbands that link themselves to the class of cowed men, and tricky enough to convince the insensitive that the reverse is the case. The tricky tyrants successfully fill inconsiderate people with their made-up wives’ oppression. Sadly, the thoughtless people are quick to snub and condemn the poor subjugated women without looking out for and considering the other side of their story.

Conjugally enslaved women In Nigeria are emotionally and socially in hell with their voices usually unheard probably because they are customarily obliged to be submissive and committed to their husbands. And primarily because these noble women put their family’s stability as main priority. They usually don’t air their enslavement, as it might lead to destabilization of their homes when addressed by the imprudent who intervene fanatically. Such women live a broken life hoping for a day the ingenious will help salvage their hell situation; they usually pass on as unrecognized heroes.

But where are the folks that reason beyond a confinement? Where are the ingenious?

In parts of Igbo land, the likes of Ndi-nze (titled men) carry qualities that enable them properly handle such tricky or complex matters, they reason beyond the walls of common men – they were the ingenious. Elders command respect, but Ndi-Nze had been of highest regard. Nze is a society of wise men who recognize that every issue has two sides; they don’t act upon any allegation till they’ve found and considered the conflicting side. They have been solutions to complex issues or disputes although time has affected them. Their value is dropping since people are being enrolled because of high academic qualification or wealth, disregarding one’s natural discerning ability or intelligence which was the core criteria, a reason why some enslaved women chose to swallow spikes, having lost trust in their intervention.

If we have light, darkness must be somewhere, if some miners get their treasure in a foot dig, some only get half of same treasure in a thousand feet; if loving parents exists, bad parents exist too; there is always a contrary side to life, that is basically the order holding our world.

Noble women are increasingly being physically and emotionally abused. It is time we learn to salvage their awful situation by learning to be like Ndi-Nze- looking out for and objectively considering the conflicting side of their case.

Acquitted women’s enslavement in Nigeria is dreadful, but we have a more critical case- the other side of a child’s story.

A father toils tirelessly to see his children do well in life, but children are usually naïve to understand their fathers’ commitment towards their good. So, they continually exhibit stubborn and reckless behaviors. Some get to the extent of committing patricide which they regret when they outgrow their naivety.

But just like our subjugated decent women, the insensitive now summarize every form of a child’s recklessness towards their father as children’s naive stupidity. That mindset clouds their unwitty minds to solely believe reports coming from the fathers. Consequently, they fail to recognize the place of increasingly enormous children enslaved and persistently abused physically, socially and emotionally by their dreadful fathers, like the recent case of a boy whose mouth was padlocked and beaten to death by the father. The father probably didn’t intend to kill him but only to torture… but what if the boy survived the beating and later on managed to murder the father in revenge?

Fathers have a predisposition to be fond of or to dislike one of their children for intricate reasons which becomes their drive for torment. Before our government is set to intervene properly, we should learn from the wise to live beyond biased intervention because reaction of people around play major role in stirring or curbing revengeful homicide cases, and to help abused children regain their sanity to avoid breeding a population of monsters.

Sadly, most embittered children in bid to overcome their horrible situation tried consulting elderly friends or relations. But when the unwitty elders respond through false knowledge gotten from the tricky fathers, with no space to listen and objectively consider the child’s side of the story, the children’s mind are hardened and corrupted… some are usually left with no option than to do the bizarre (Patricide).

We should learn to un-cloud our minds. Women are monsters, but many are noble angels; children are naïvely stupid, yet many are decent. Fathers are supportive while some are obstructive, or an obstruction to their child’s prosperity. This understanding makes us better interveners, and a solution for the betterment of our society.

“I offered you £250,000 to jump out of a plane with no parachute, would you do it? I bet you said no, but what if I told you the plane was on the ground? Moral: Know all the facts before jumping to conclusions” Enchanting Minds. Though one might not be able to lay hands on all facts, a divergent side of every story is always at the corner, and always sought and objectively considered by the wise before action.

Source by Ogadimma Mbadiwe

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The basis of pelvic balance relies on the ability of all the muscles which attach at the hip and groin to relax and extend after workout or exercise.

But as we all know, without stretching post-workout, the muscles remain shortened and develop adhesions or contractures.

Adhesions result when a certain group of muscle fibres stay stuck together after contracting, not releasing and then acting as a group rather than as individual muscle bundles.

A contracture is a knot which develops along the muscle belly, usually, because of repeated muscle contracting and not relaxing at that location in the muscle belly.

The result is a developing knot of muscles with the presence of excessive proteins binding the muscle filaments together and trapping lactic acid and other proteins in a knot. The required enzymes necessary for the releasing of these muscles appears to be absent or in short supply at the knot.

Massage therapy will release both adhesions and contractures. When the muscles doesn’t want to release, the use of pranic healing techniques will rid the etheric or energy congestion at the muscle knot location and assist the muscles to release.

There is a direct connection between the etheric or energy body and the physical body. Healing the first body releases the physical body. The body has the ability to heal itself when blockages are removed. Pranic healing techniques can achieve this most of the time.

How does tight quadriceps and adductors affect ilio-psoas?

By adding external pelvic tension against the hip bone. The attachments of the quadriceps and adductors along the pubic bone and especially upper iliac ( hip bone) pull the iliac into an outflare exerting outward pulling strain on the iliac, straining the iliac, and iliopsoas, as a consequence.

The ilio-psoas is two muscles which are hip flexors and torso flexor. The psoas is combined with the quadratus lumborum at the back of the lumbar acting as your core flexor-extensor combination. Any imbalance will often result in low back pain.

What I have discovered in performing multiple treatments on the ilio-psoas is that there is always accompanied tightness in the adductors and quadriceps on the same side as a tight ilio-psoas. Both are innervated by the femoral nerve.

I have found that releasing the adductors and quadriceps first will result in a lessening of the tension on the iliacus, and ilio-psoas as a consequence.

I welcome massage therapists to attempt this treatment sequence and be amazed at how quickly the ilio-psoas relaxes after treating the adductors and quadriceps first.

By Roger Fontaine, r.m.t., Oct. 08

Source by Roger Fontaine

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I’ve been around a while and always thought infatuation was the domain of the very young and somewhat silly. After all, didn’t I have several infatuations when I was 15 or 17? First, there was the girl in a mining company office where I had my first job. She was two years my senior, but sophisticated well above her years. Then there was my friend’s mother, 26 years older. And over the ensuing year or two, a couple of others. Then of course, I grew up. Or so I thought.

Once I began having real relationships the very idea of infatuation seemed like a childish pastime. That is until just recently when I fell victim to what I later found is called “limerence”, a much more mature form of involuntary infatuation.

You see, there is this woman at work to whom I was attracted not long after we first met. She’s very much younger that me and I realised that there was no real opportunity for a meaningful relationship, especially since I’m not only too old for her, I’m also married.

I would have been happy with a platonic relationship if only I could have spent some time with her and been close friends. In fact, my feelings for her were less physical and more about what I perceived as her youthful, exhuberent, lovely personality. And her intelligence. I thought she was great to be around and she made me happy when we were together.

Then I began waking up early only to have her in my thoughts. I’d think of her on and off during every day and when I saw her it was like my dreams had come true … at least when she talked to me. I couldn’t believe that this young lady had taken control of my thoughts with absolutely no knowledge or intention on either her behalf or mine. That’s part of what limerence is, what limerence does, even to much older, mature people.

I had never heard the term limerence, but stumbled upon it during my research to find a solution.

(See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limerence for full details).

My research told me that limerence cases often last for years. One way to dispense with it is to find another limerant object … really no solution at all. I told myself that I’m too smart, too experienced and simply too sensible for this to go on for years. After all, I was in charge of my destiny. Right?

Apparently not. I’ve actively avoided contact with my “limerent object” at a number of social events and at work over the past few weeks with the hope that my interest will simply fade away and take with it the emotional rollercoaster that is limerence. That’s in fact made me unhappier because I feel that I am being unreasonable to her as an innocent party in all this.

Occasionally, when she passes in a hallway, she gives me a lovely smile and says, “Hi, Robin” and it rocks me to the core. Just seeing her or hearing her voice sends my chemistry into chaos mode.

If only I could find in her some flaw, some bad thing perhaps, that would help change my mind. I can’t. To me, she is perfect. It seems that there is simply no escape from limerence. It’s a matter of hanging in there and toughing it out.

If you are ever unlucky enough to be caught in the limerence trap I’m afraid you’ll just have to ride it out too.

Copyright 2006 Robin Henry

Source by Robin Henry

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Core beliefs are open to question, and where questions sit so does doubt in the seat adjacent. A belief is a way of perceiving something as the loftiest idea the ego can come up with.

We all want to live a life of inner peace around our true free will based on our true core beliefs. As long as the origin of who you truly are remains open to question, you are regarding your core beliefs from an ego-based viewpoint.

One winter comes to my mind, when I traveled with my regular group of golf buddies to a golf resort near the Florida Everglades, where the mission at hand was nothing but serious golf vacationing. The seriousness of each shot by each golfer made for the memories that each of us still holds.

At that time of the year the golf course was populated by water moccasins, a deadly and aggressive snake. The groundskeeper posted warning signs near marshy areas that said “If you see a baby snake, Mama is close by.” The protection of Mama here is a good example of the love that nature possesses for its offspring.

Humanities first lesson

What about our so-called loves, charities, and of course our material possessions? If we’re not vigilant over the ego–that doubting, skeptical, judgmental and fearful aspect in us all, core beliefs in something can be a function of the ego, a lesson given shortly after the first tick of time when humankind fell to guilt by separation.

It has given you a glimpse at the ego not being who you truly are if you have considered this closely. Let’s face it, an ego can have beliefs, but can never know for certain. It has no knowledge at all.

This shows us that the losses we perceive to have can only be of the ego. The baby doesn’t see it as a dangerous object while having fun and may scream in a tantrum if you take the object away.

Miracles show us that the ego may see some good, but never only good. That is why its perceptions are so variable. It always adds something that is not real to the real, thus confusing illusion and reality. Perception always leaves room for interpretation and judgement.


When you decide to uncover the doubts about your core beliefs and look deeper within, you may either beat yourself up a bit, or jokingly rib yourself for what a fool you’ve been. The real story is that accepting the truth about how you truly feel or believe is not necessarily going to make you all smiles upfront.

Think about this. Don’t we instinctively protect our egos this way– protect our pride?

In this sense we are still a child when we get upset about particular losses. Am I saying these losses are for our own good?

What I have to say next may not seem very positive at first, but please absorb the thought while leaving room for further contemplation. Any core beliefs you may have are meaningless when knowledge is all there is.

I offer you these easy words to use in prayer or for meditation:

I am as God created me.

When at times you feel you are not reaching your true potential, perhaps confused over your core beliefs with the ego in you tugging away to get you to go with the crowd in your core beliefs, these words in quiet contemplation have helped me.

Try to see that we have no sense of our real self and its preservation, and usually decide that we need what hurts us most. We’ve been afraid for no reason at all of our own true potential, which is who we truly are.

To your true free will

Source by James Nussbaumer

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Education gives knowledge which as Bacon rightly puts, is a “source of power to man”. However, it is crucial we note that this power can function either as one employed to build a better future or as one that destroys.

Our masters, the likes of Galileo, after much philosophizing and experimentation, discovered truths and initiated beneficial principles now observed in our educational system. Their great philosophies are perfect for numerous situations, but our system does not show scholars the path to think and understand the proper situations to apply them. This is chiefly because the concentration of teachings nowadays is not to make people think, which ought to be the primary goal, but chiefly to uphold existing laws, reasoning in the confinement of principles, and empowering indirectly an unsustainable world.

Acquiring Knowledge of established principles is good. But our educational system is leaving out an essential goal of growing our thinking faculty, by not grounding scholars with the understanding that the established principles are simply discoveries employed to help and should not be taken as final. Such limits our sense of discovery needed to address the diverse problems growing in our world.

Time or situation can transform valid principles to invalid; the superseded scientific laws or theories we had and will still have are examples. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” (Ralph Waldo). A good quote it is; however, students are not grounded to understand its context and scope: Sadly, one can now see a sadist employing similar quote to justify actions, causing mayhem.

At a tender age, it was like a law according to my parents and remarks from people that rain starts and ends in certain months. I remember asking: “What if it rains in January?” their answer was: “It cannot”. The reply came with some air of finality because the principle had been valid historically and probably because they had never experienced otherwise. The principle was true. To them it was irrevocable. But time has invalidated that principle through climate change. Now the months they had known to bring heavy downpours sometimes turn to be the driest.

Life gets more complex every day, luckily we have principles intended to help, not to mold or limit our future. Sadly, our recognized principles cannot fit in every situation, and sticking on them will only bring about chaos. For a sustainable world, we need a kind of education where principles are acknowledged as a stimulus and not a decree. We need Education where people have enough grounds to express themselves beyond established principles, laws or philosophies; one that develops our reasoning and thinking faculty without constraints.

Pitiably, the knowledge we now gain from education does not train one in the part of wisdom which grows when one begins to think. It only exposes some people’s wise thoughts or principles. Our system of education now yields educated fanatics: people that have acquired better knowledge on how to present and manage their fanaticism, planting chaos by training advanced erroneous people.

Due to life’s growing complexities, education that develops our discerning ability to avoid further knowledge misappropriation is needed. Adoption of fine principles helps, but we should avoid settling in a period where ­scholars are chiefly concerned with following of principles, so we can elude a future of people that reason more with citations than their heads, like robots.

For a peaceful and sustainable future, we should stop the degrading practice of following principles thoughtlessly in our educational system, and welcome fresh educational scheme that stimulates our thinking faculty. That will enable all to understand the fact that time or situation can change anything. So, one would not be quick to conclude because of knowledge from recognized scholars or universal principles.

I believe in the future of education where people do not just copy principles or laws, but where people also philosophize on situations to know where the principles are usable. This will free our world from the problematic chains of principles. Some of our masters foresaw this ugly future of ‘scholaroids’; Socrates addressed it: “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”

Source by Ogadimma Mbadiwe

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Gas Furnaces: Repair or Replace?

When your furnace experiences problems or just stops working altogether, you are faced with a troublesome decision: Do you try to repair the broken part, or invest in a completely new system? The first thing to consider when faced with this question is the age of your current gas furnace. If it is older than 10 years, chances are there have been advancements in efficiency or industry standards that you can benefit from if you replace your system.

Next, consult your warranty information. Many furnace manufacturers cover the heat exchange for 10 or more years, while some have lifetime coverage. Depending on the parts that need to be replaced, your furnace might be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, many HVAC installers offer guarantees on their work, which can save you money if they are responsible for the problem.

Often, HVAC professionals recommend that you update or replace your existing gas furnace when you replace your central air unit. This is an excellent way to save money over time, as a high-efficiency furnace and a cooling system that are the same age and brand work together better than a mismatched-efficiency set of an older furnace and new AC unit. Unfortunately, this is not always a feasible option financially, as high-quality HVAC units can be priced in the thousands. If your current furnace’s age is within five years of the new AC unit, it should work well with your new cooling unit.

Ultimately, it’s up to you if you want to replace your furnace. To help you decide, consider the current efficiency of your home furnace, its age, and if you are willing to replace a part that may continue to fail in the years to come.

Gas Furnace Efficiency: It’s Not Just About the Money

Size Matters

Unlike most major appliances that get better in functionality as they increase in price and size, furnaces need to be the right size for the layout of your home. This means that buying the biggest and most energy-efficient furnace on the market is typically not the best answer for your home.

Every home is different, whether in its layout, ventilation system or materials. A natural gas furnace that is too small will not be able to produce adequate heat in the winter or push enough cool air in the summer. Conversely, a system that is too large for your home will cost more to run and not efficiently maintain correct temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

If your gas furnace was installed in your home more than 15 years ago, you are pretty much guaranteed to be heating your home inefficiently. With a high-efficiency furnace, the amount of gas you need to warm your home decreases, as do the charges on your utility statements.

When selecting the best furnace, consider the device’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. This number is represented as a percentage and indicates how much heat a furnace can obtain from each cubic foot of gas. To clarify even more, for example, an AFUE rating of 96 percent means that up to 96 cents of every dollar is used to warm your home. The national standard for lowest allowable efficiency is 78 percent, and many modern units achieve upward of 98 percent.

A furnace with a high AFUE rating can save you a significant amount of money in heating and electricity bills. While a unit with more than 90 percent AFUE generally costs more than one with an 80 percent rating, you’re likely to recoup any difference of cost over the furnace’s lifespan.

Another way to increase the efficiency of your new furnace is to have a compatible programmable thermostat installed along with it. Many gas furnace manufacturers have their own lines of thermostats that can push and run your furnace to its peak efficiency levels. While this is an additional cost, an updated, compatible thermostat allows you greater control over your home’s temperature and comfort levels.

What You Need to Know About Furnace Installation

A furnace is a major home-improvement investment, so any knowledge you can arm yourself with before deciding which new unit to purchase can save you time and money in the long run. Below are some key elements to forced air heating that you need to be aware of as you talk with your local HVAC professional.

Types of Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces come in two varieties, single-stage and two-stage. Single-stage furnace blowers use a single-speed blower, which switches on and off until it reaches the desired temperature. These furnaces are usually older models, but you can still purchase one for your home that has an AFUE of 80 percent.

While these units can be a less expensive investment initially, the lower efficiency from switching on and off constantly ends up costing you more over time than a furnace with a variable-speed blower. That being said, if you have a smaller home, consult with your HVAC professional to see if a single-stage furnace would be a more viable option.

Two-stage gas furnaces operate similarly to single-stage ones, but when the temperature drops and the first stage is not producing enough heat, the second stage turns on to supplement your home’s heating needs. This second stage allows your furnace to produce and use more heat with less effort and fuel. Another great side effect of a two-stage unit is that it generally runs much quieter than the single-stage models.

Variable-Speed Fans & Modulating Valves

Variable-speed fans are an additional option to increase the efficiency of the furnace. Rather than constantly turning off and on and blowing at an unalterable speed, the variable-speed blower has the ability to slow down the motor to provide constant heat with a longer, less stressful cycle. This speed control allows the furnace to use less gas and to operate much more quietly, a great bonus for heating large homes or awkward floor plans. Generally, two-stage furnaces are equipped with variable-speed fans, helping them run even more efficiently than they would with a standard, single-speed blower.

Some furnaces are equipped with a special modulating gas valve. This specialty component works in tandem with a variable-speed blower to provide consistent temperatures. This is much like driving an automobile on a freeway at a constant pace, rather than stopping and starting at every stoplight downtown. Modulating furnaces can reach an AFUE of up to 98 percent. While they cost more to purchase, these furnaces maximize your comfort levels and can greatly reduce your overall energy costs.

Other Furnaces

While gas furnaces are the standard for forced air heating across the nation, there are still some regions, such as the northeastern United States, that still use oil furnaces as their heaters. Oil furnaces burn a refined oil that is pumped in from a storage tank and burned as a mist. Once ignited, the oil furnace functions nearly identically to a gas furnace in gathering and distributing the generated heat.

If you are considering converting from an oil furnace to a gas furnace, be sure to consult with a licensed professional and get multiple quotes from your local HVAC installers. The overall cost of converting to a gas-line furnace varies, depending on availability, location and labor. Depending on your situation, it may be best to stay with an oil furnace rather than converting.

Measuring Your Home

When you call for a quote, your local HVAC professional should take some measurements of your home during their visit. This step is essential to selecting the best gas furnace for your home. If the HVAC professional does not come to your residence and perform a home measurement and analysis, this is a red flag that they do not have your best interest at heart and you should call another company to get a second opinion.

The way the installer measures your home is more than just calculating the square footage. Their measurements take into account your design of the interior of your home (which affects airflow), the local climate and construction materials of your home. These factors help the HVAC installer determine which size and type of furnace would be best. Then they can make a proper recommendation based on these facts.

Get It in Writing

When you get a quote, be sure to have any agreement or estimate put down in writing. This is not a petty thing to ask, and it helps ensure that any work that needs to be done is fully disclosed. Having your estimate in writing reduces the chances of being surprised by a different amount at the end of the job. A good HVAC professional is upfront with unit and labor costs, as well as knowledgeable about the gas furnace warranty they are installing.

In addition to getting a written estimate for furnace and material costs, be sure to get a start and finish date in writing. This will help you make plans accordingly and to know when you can expect to have heat again. Don’t settle for weak answers in this regard. A quality professional HVAC installer will gladly set deadlines and promptly notify you of any unforeseen delays.

When an HVAC company replaces your home furnace, it is common practice to remove and replace older water heaters or ventilation piping, especially when they are not up to code. Having a new water heater or AC unit installed with your new furnace helps keep costs down, as they will most likely be of equivalent efficiency.

Your HVAC estimate should include any work that needs to be done besides a furnace replacement. Many newer, high-efficiency gas furnaces need to have additional plumbing worked into your existing furnace area. Be sure to ask if your new system will require any additional parts or systems beyond the main unit. Again, get it in writing.

Get a Second Opinion

Just because you called an HVAC company and it performed an estimate doesn’t mean you are obligated to purchase from it. Natural gas furnaces generally last 10 to 15 years, so don’t budge on getting the best furnace your budget allows. When you call for a quote, ask the HVAC company about its licensing. A suitable contractor needs to be licensed and certified to install your new system. If a contractor is not able or is reluctant to supply this information, don’t use them, even if they are the lowest bid. Protect yourself and your home by hiring licensed professionals.

Make sure the HVAC contractor performs the home inspection mentioned above and that they explain all your options. If you feel pressured to buy without clearly understanding what you are purchasing, there is no guilt in telling a contractor “no thank you.” The best HVAC contractors provide you with answers to your questions, clearly outline the work that is required and listen to your requests.

If you have the luxury of waiting a couple days before needing a new furnace, gathering a couple estimates can give you the opportunity to save money beyond the initial cost of the furnace and installation. By comparing and making a well-thought-out choice, you can be sure you will not only find the best deal on a heating system, but most likely find a reliable, quality installer as well.

What Else Is Important When Selecting a Furnace?

Gas furnaces have other factors to consider beyond efficiency and installation. For example, furnace warranties vary between manufacturers. Yearly maintenance and reliability are also important to consider.

Warranty & Rebates

One of the most important elements of even the most high-efficiency furnace is its warranty. Replacing a furnace in its entirety is an incredibly expensive endeavor, and having to replace it every few years is problematic from a financial-planning standpoint. The ideal furnace carries two individual warranties: one for the heat exchange and another for all other parts. In addition, the best contractors provide a labor warranty to back up their work.

The heat exchange is the heart and soul of the furnace, as it influences how much heat a unit can get from burned gas. This warranty can extend up to and beyond 20 years, whereas the warranty for all parts may only be five to 10 years. Also, the brand of the furnace can influence its reliability. Lesser-known brands generally do not have quality parts or long warranties, and while they may be cheaper initially, repairs will cost you more in the long run.

Be sure to discuss the availability of manufacturer rebates or tax credits with your installer. This can be a great way to save money and offset the initial cost of a new furnace. Federal and local governments are encouraging homeowners to improve their dwellings’ energy consumption, and you may be able to deduct the purchase of a new heating system on your taxes. Check with your contractor and tax agent to confirm any eligibility or programs currently available.


The lifespan of your furnace is influenced greatly by how well you, the owner, perform regular maintenance. This doesn’t mean you have to know how to repair and rebuild a furnace unit, just that you should be able to perform basic maintenance tasks such as changing and correctly installing air filters, keeping the airflow path free of obstructions, and giving the main unit a visual inspection a couple times a year.

Air filters are one of the most important components of an efficient gas furnace. While older designs and cheaper furnace filters block large particles, they do not remove small particles such as pollen from the air that circulates through the system.

Fortunately, there are high-efficiency filters that you’re better off using, especially if you have allergies, live in a dusty region or have pets that shed. While the high-efficiency filters cost more, the amount of particles they remove from the air helps you and your furnace breathe easier.

High-efficiency filters need to be changed approximately every three months, but you may need to replace them more often if you have multiple pets or someone who smokes in your home. While three months may seem quite often, if you use cheap, thin filters, you need to replace them at least every month, as they do not take as long to reach capacity.

Keep the area around your furnace free from obstructions, such as boxes, that can block air circulation. The burner inside your gas furnace needs to have enough oxygen to function properly, and a reduced air intake can be dangerous and cost you more money. Also, a couple times during the year, take a quick visual assessment to see if anything looks wrong, such as loose wires, bent panels or any ventilation pipes that need repair. Simple maintenance chores such as these can help keep your furnace in tip-top shape for years and your family toasty during the winter months.

Being left in the cold is definitely no fun, but fortunately, you won’t be in the dark when you use our articles on gas furnaces to assist your educated decision. While you consider the different brands of furnaces as you read through this site, remember that it is just as important to find a local HVAC professional who will give you the best service possible by putting your needs before a sale. The best combination for your home and wallet is to choose the most efficient gas furnace that provides adequate coverage and to have it installed correctly by a qualified professional.

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With the digitization of all data and information, companies today rely extensively on a solid IT infrastructure. It is the need of the hour to have a flawless IT Infrastructure service that can guarantee security and proper access to information even through mobile devices.

IT Infrastructure Services Overview

With Infrastructure management services, you will be able to get assistance with planning, design, and implementation of IT strategies for your organization. These services will also help manage any IT requirement that is mission-critical for organizations.

With most service providers you have the advantage of technical knowledge combined with an in-depth study of specific industries to ensure that you get maximum value with the investments made in your IT infrastructure.

Today, it is essential for organizations to have the facility to automate all their processes and also have open computing options. In addition to that, the Infrastructure Management Services today is designed to be agile so that it can be transformed in order to adhere to any larger business goal that organizations may set for themselves. It also allows organizations to stay in tune with current trends and implement changes as per the dynamic nature of their industry.

IT Infrastructure Services and Solutions

The demands of the IT infrastructure are fulfilled by the following services and solutions:

· Operations Management: Execution and excellence in operations is the cornerstone to run an enterprise successfully. This means that the output needs to be maximized while the IT solutions provided for any business operates as required.

· Network Management: It is necessary to have a solid network of employees, partners, and customers through business applications. It is almost impossible for your business to function as needed without proper access to these apps. To ensure that, a secure and robust network is necessary so that data can remain secure and agile.

· Workplace Transformation: The primary concern with any business technology is the end user. The applications need to be flexible and personalized for your IT infrastructure to be manageable and meet the demands of the end user.

· Security Service: Keeping data and assets secure is important for all businesses. There are several threats to security today which has made enterprises look for options that can help them manage these threats proactively. This also reduces the cost of operations when managed internally.

· Remote Infrastructure Management and Monitoring: In order to keep it flexible, they can be monitored through the cloud -based solutions that also allow you to remotely manage data and processes.

· Datacenter Management: It is true that data continues to grow with your business. This can affect the performance of the systems and also pose challenges with respect to scalability. For this, service providers track data and assets to provide datacenter management options that utilize your resources effectively.

· Product Support: All the issues related to the implementation of good IT infrastructure whether it is related to performance, configuration, capacity management, analysis, design or auditing will be taken care of by the service providers.

· End-user Computing: These services allow you to transform the environment of the end user to make it possible for them to access your IT infrastructure better while keeping your data secure. It is possible to build an agile and collaborative workplace for end users with proper management and efficient design. These services include data and asset management, desk imaging, IT help desks, remote login options, software distribution, desktop migration and lots more.

· Cloud Computing: The IT infrastructure of an organization can be consolidated and adopted into a cloud-based system. End to end solutions to create better cloud-enabled services to ensure a self-provisioning system that can address the challenge of deploying work virtually. There are several other services such as server virtualization, storage virtualization, database virtualization, network virtualization, desktop virtualization and remote monitoring that are available with cloud-based systems.

With any IT infrastructure services, the quality analysis is a must to make sure that the software and applications are dynamic. This is possible with continuous integration and deployment of necessary changes across the infrastructure. That way, it is possible to ensure standardization across various environments, low-risk releases and faster deployment of new technology or changes in the existing systems as per the demands of the market.

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Quality documentation is a must in the modern world. Essentially, quality documentation is the type of documentation where a physical process or activity is conveyed through the medium of writing by having it noted down in a document of some kind. This is a necessity due to several reasons. Most importantly, it allows errors to be isolated and successes to be replicated. Documentation also helps you to guard against the risk of potential litigation.

One of the most important parts of running any successful business or organisation is to make sure that you always have clear precise documentation of every single important transaction, process, and action that takes place. This will allow you to have a clear reference point whenever anything is in question. Additionally, the chances of processes and actions deviating from their expected results are very low when there is a comprehensive and systematic database of documentation concerning the appropriate requirements and procedures that need to be implemented. Some of the subjects and topics that businesses need documentation for on a regular basis include, but are not limited to:

Operations Manuals and Procedure Writing

Quality Management Systems

Safety Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems

Procedures, Forms & Technical Writing

Consulting and Certification Processes

Electronic Manuals

Staff Handbooks

System Upgrades


As is plain to see, this extensive list of documentation is something that can make or break a business. As such, it is always a good idea to outsource the creation of these documents to professionals who have been working in the field of documentation for a significant period and have the relevant experience that is required to complete such a complex task.

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Data mining is the process of examining a data set to extract certain patterns. Companies use this process to determine the outcome of their existing goals. They summarize this information into useful methods to create revenue and/or cut costs. When search engines are accessed, they begin to build lists of links from the first page it accesses. It continues this process throughout the site until it reaches the root page. This data not only includes text, but also numbers and facts.

Data mining focuses on consumers in relation to both “internal” (price, product positioning), and “external” (competition, demographics) factors which help determine consumer price, customer satisfaction, and corporate profits. It also provides a link between separate transactions and analytical systems. Four types of relationships are sought with data mining:

o Classes – information used to increase traffic

o Clusters – grouped to determine consumer preferences or logical relationships

o Associations – used to group products normally bought together (i.e., bacon, eggs; milk, bread)

o Patterns – used to anticipate behavior trends

This process provides numerous benefits to businesses, governments, society, and especially individuals as a whole. It starts with a cleaning process which removes errors and ensures consistency. Algorithms are then used to “mine” the data to establish patterns. With all new technology, there are positives and negatives. One negative issue that arises from the process is privacy. Although it is against the law, the selling of personal information over the Internet has occurred. Companies have to obtain certain personal information to be able to properly conduct their business. The problem is that the security systems in place are not adequately protecting this information.

From a customer viewpoint, data mining benefits businesses more than their interests. Their personal information is out there, possibly unprotected, and there is nothing they can do until a negative issue arises. On the other hand, from the business side, it helps enhance overall operations and aid in better customer satisfaction. In regards to the government, they use personal data to tighten security systems and protect the public from terrorism; however, they want to protect people’s privacy rights as well. With numerous servers, databases, and websites out there, it becomes increasingly difficult to enforce stricter laws. The more information we introduce to the web, the greater the chances of someone hacking into this data.

Better security systems should be developed before data mining can truly benefit all parties involved. Privacy invasion can ruin people’s lives. It can take months, even years, to regain a level of trust that our personal information will be protected. Benefits aside, the safety and well being of any human being should be top priority.

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Marketing professionals and specialist use many tactics to attract and retain their customers. These activities comprise of different concepts, the most important one being the marketing mix. There are two concepts for marketing mix: 4P and 7P. It is essential to balance the 4Ps or the 7Ps of the marketing mix. The concept of 4Ps has been long used for the product industry while the latter has emerged as a successful proposition for the services industry.

The 7Ps of the marketing mix can be discussed as:

Product – It must provide value to a customer but does not have to be tangible at the same time. Basically, it involves introducing new products or improvising the existing products.

Price – Pricing must be competitive and must entail profit. The pricing strategy can comprise discounts, offers and the like.

Place – It refers to the place where the customers can buy the product and how the product reaches out to that place. This is done through different channels, like Internet, wholesalers and retailers.

Promotion – It includes the various ways of communicating to the customers of what the company has to offer. It is about communicating about the benefits of using a particular product or service rather than just talking about its features.

People – People refer to the customers, employees, management and everybody else involved in it. It is essential for everyone to realize that the reputation of the brand that you are involved with is in the people’s hands.

Process – It refers to the methods and process of providing a service and is hence essential to have a thorough knowledge on whether the services are helpful to the customers, if they are provided in time, if the customers are informed in hand about the services and many such things.

Physical (evidence) – It refers to the experience of using a product or service. When a service goes out to the customer, it is essential that you help him see what he is buying or not. For example- brochures, pamphlets etc serve this purpose.

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