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If you have the power to make any women fall in love with you, who would be the first woman that you want to use this power on? It may seem impossible for one to possess this power, but any person who has the knowledge of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) will know that it is possible for one to seduce any women with psychic ability.

Using psychic ability, one can achieve many things in life, like love, luck and money. So if you are someone who wants to be the center of attraction, or simply want your dream girl to fall in love with you, then learning the skill of psychic seduction will help you in achieving what you want.

Everyone has psychic abilities, if you believe that you possess the psychic powers to influence the behavior of others; then you will be able to use it very powerfully. In this article, I would discuss the steps to seduce others using only your mind power.

1) Make sure that you are not disturbed, find a quiet room and sit down in a comfortable place.

2) Who is the person whom you want to seduce? Visualize her in your mind, she can be either in her own bedroom or any other place you desire her to be.

3) Visualize that you are gently touching and stimulating her sexual organs, move around your fingers around her body and cause her to sexual arousal.

4) Repeat the above actions in your mind, until you visualize her reaching organism.

5) Do this visualization for 20 minutes, two times per day.

Source by Mark Tay

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You fell head over heels with the perfect girl, there’s just one catch: she’s a bit older than you. Would you like to know the ways to attract older girls and hopefully get the girl of your dreams?

Attracting a girl who’s older than you is not much different than attracting any other girl. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Gather up your courage and don’t be afraid to ask her out. Hey, we’re living in modern times and age is not much of an issue anymore. Besides, she’ll be impressed if you had the courage to ask her on a date. It shows you’re mature and not intimidated by her.

2. Be conscious about your hygiene and appearance. You don’t have to go all out, but at least comb your hair and wear some cologne. You wouldn’t impress her if you approach her looking all scruffy and look and smell like you haven’t showered in days.

3. She may have a problem dating a younger guy, but this shouldn’t stop you from dating her. Prove to her you can be confident and mature. Avoid playing video games or joking about silly stuff, anything that you think will turn her off.

4. If she’s only a year or two older than you, then you’re pretty much into the same things. If you’re age gap is nearly a decade then you may have different interests and you’ll have to work extra hard to prove yourself. Just try to avoid doing immature things and impress her with your good manners and behavior.

5. During conversations, some older women would be more impressed with serious topics. You can talk about the concert you saw last week, but also tell something about work and ambitions. You can also talk about books, music and movies, as long as they’re always the type guys your age like.

6. Don’t dominate conversations and let her take the lead sometimes. You can’t talk about yourself the whole time and not expect her to get bored. This applies to all girls, so let them have their turn to talk.

7. Any girl wants to receive compliments, so tell her how beautiful she looks or how smart she is. Be honest though, she’s going to notice if you’re only kissing up to her. Also, never refer to her as an “older” woman.

8. Try to relax when you talk to her. She won’t bite, and being intimidated and nervous won’t make such a great impression. She’ll be more attracted to you if you’re confident.

9. One of the best ways to attract girls older than you – or any girl for that matter – is to be yourself. Don’t try to act smarter and be a know-it-all (unless you really are smarter). Trying too hard to make an impression will only cause you to look silly and she may not take you seriously then.

Source by Crystal K. Jones

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It is sad how so many average guys believe that some girls are out of their league, merely because those girls are pretty. These guys believe that such girls are unattainable for them, but this is never the case.

Even average guys can get the girl of their dreams with the use of subtle techniques of psychology to re-structure the female thought processes. With such esoteric techniques, any guy can make girls see him as attractive. Read on to discover how to use these techniques for your personal pleasure.

How To Get Girls To Fall For You – 2 Techniques Of Female Domination

Technique Number One: Hold the power. Girls usually hold the power whenever relationships start out and, within those early stages, guys tend to be more vulnerable. The minute a girl realizes that a guy likes her, things change. Therefore, you will obviously have to avoid giving that power to a girl from the start.

You can avoid giving girls the power by being a little indifferent and very subtle at the same time. Do not shower her with compliments and try to keep a cold distance from her. Although flirting is fine, do not make it appear like you invested lots of time into guaranteeing positive outcomes. By doing this, you can gain an advantage in no time.

Conversely, if you are seen to be “losing power” in the relationship, then your woman will take the chance to disrespect you. As a result, her interest level with you will start to wane – and this is the beginning of a doomed relationship. Don’t make the mistake of surrendering power to your woman!

Technique Number Two: Control her mind. After you get the power for yourself, it would be high time to take total control of every situation with the use of mind control techniques.

Masters in the underground seduction community are known to use mind control and hypnosis techniques to seduce women. Using very specific conversational tricks, they have been known to be able to “hack” into a woman’s mind and make them fall in love quickly. This is achieved by using a wide selection of covert techniques which are surprisingly easy to use even for the beginner.

One such technique is known as ‘fractionation‘ and refers to a technique of hypnosis that makes use of techniques from the NLP field. Fractionation would definitely be the most effective mind control technique to date and is very easy and fast to use.

In only 15 minutes, this technique can re-program female emotions to make the girl of your choice depend on you for positive emotions. Use this only with the utmost care, though, since it can turn girls into real stalkers when abused.

Source by Derek Rake

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